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Movie Star, ALESH ONILEGBALE Holds Classy 51st Birthday Bash

Alesh Onilegbale Rilwan is a well-known name in the movie industry today. Being an actor and a politician, he has been able to touch so many lives with his prolific acts in the make-belief world.

But that is not the big gist for today. Alesh turned 51 on June 4, 2021, but he left the celebration to wait for five months. The party held on November 4, 2021.

A lot of his fans were wondering why the event was postponed till November but it became very obvious at the party. The event was not just about his birthday only, there was also a celebration of love. Did Alesh hold a 2-in-1 party? That was the question on the lips of everyone.

The Eagle Club Event Center opposite the Shoprite on Adeniran Ogunsanya Street in Surulere hosted all the big names in the Yoruba movie industry as they all came in their numbers to celebrate one of their own.

Let’s also quickly inform you that most of the guests stunned in the black and touch of gold lace Aso-Ebi but that wasn’t just all. There were other smaller groups with different party Aso-Ebi for the same event. At about 2:00 pm, the venue had been literally filled up. The car park already revealed the calibre of the people at the party. It was filled with exotic cars such that smaller cars were intimidated.

DAMILARE SALAMI 08155134152, Photojournalist, Olaoluwa Oguntoyinbo and Videographer, Olu Video were there and in this report, you have exclusive gists from the party, enjoy.



One thing that City People observed at the event was that it was well planned, well organized and everything was available in excess. There was more than enough food and drinks for all the guests, the dignitaries’ corners were full of stars, big men and babes, and the security was watertight. Give it to the team that comprised of stars like Fathia Balogun, Lola Ajibola, Sanni Alli, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe and several others. They put up a superb performance to ensure that all went as planned.



The question on the lips of everyone was whether it was a birthday party or wedding reception. Firstly, the event was conspicuously tagged Alesh @ 50+1 but his arrival, entry and even seat arrangement on the podium was designed for two. Everyone knows that at events such as this, only the celebrant is expected to be seated on the aisle. But at this particular event, it was Alesh and his beautiful wife. They sat like a new couple at a wedding reception party. And their outfits simply looked like that of a newly wedded couple just coming from the registry. What did Alesh really celebrate? Your guess is still as good as mine. The movie is full of suspense.


We called it couple’s grand entry because it didn’t look a bit like a birthday celebration entry. Alesh was well suited up in a black and wine colour suit while his bride stunned in a beautiful onion colour gown. Their colour combination blended so perfectly. They had a lot of people accompanying them from their car to their special seats.  Bisi Omologbalogba, Fathia Balogun, Lola Ajibola and several other top stars were among the entourage.



Remember we said it was a star-studded party? Popular broadcaster and TV host, Doyin Kukoyi. It’s no longer news that she came to the limelight with her popular TV Programme, Gbajumo Osere. Doyin revealed that she and Alesh had been friends for more than 26 years. And furthermore, she said, “Alesh didn’t tell me that we are having a double celebration, you didn’t tell me it’s a birthday and so I’m charging you a double fee.” It could have sounded like a joke but the reality was that it was a dual celebration for the star actor and his heartthrob.



Nobody asked them for a couple’s dance, what the anchor announced was the celebrant’s dance but what we saw was Alesh and his beautiful wife digging it on the dance floor. To this end, most of the guests concluded that it was not merely the 51st birthday bash but that and more. They had a nice time as a couple on the floor. They were later joined by the big boys and babes who sprayed them big.



Every table at the event had a minimum of two Nollywood actors. The list is endless. From the likes of Yomi Fash Lanso, Kaka, Taiwo Hassan a.k.a Ogogo, down to veteran women like Fali Werepe, Iya Ereko and younger talents like Merci Aigbe, Bukky Okeowo (Omo Butty), Dayo Amusa, Kamilu Kompo, Akin Olaiya and many others, the list is endless.



DJ Suppy is very popular on the mainland. He is known for his energetic displays and hypes. He brought all these and more to the event. From the word go, his blast of music welcomed guests as they trooped-in in their numbers to the eagle square auditorium. He did well during the celebrant’s dance, DJ Suppy looked like he had mastered the songs Alesh and his wife like a lot. He gave them back to back and at the supply of each track, there was a satisfactory expression on their faces.



It wasn’t just about actors and entertainers alone, the Sapphire Nigeria women football club supporters club members were present in their uniform. They didn’t just come to showcase their club but the influence of one man had brought them and that is Alesh. They came to perform and also show their love for this entertainer that appears to have touched many lives in the real world other than in movies alone.



The dance floor later changed colour when the Mayegun of Yorubaland and the veteran Fuji Maestro, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal stormed the event centre with his full band. Unlike what many had anticipated, K1 came quite early and joined the celebration before mounting the stage for his performance. Alhaji joined the prayer session and even donated to the clerics. He was praised by the Muslim clerics, they were stunned by his humility and simple lifestyle, unlike other musicians they had met.

Fast forward to Alhaji’s performance, it was exhilarating. All the celebrities did their talking on the dance floor with cash spray when the Mayegun of Yorubaland turned them on with his sing-praising skills. One would have thought that those who came early enough would be in a hurry to return home. But it wasn’t so, the Oluaye of Fuji held them all spellbound to the auditorium. However, the party didn’t become a free for all. It maintained its class and there was orderliness at every point of call.



Which mother will not be proud of such a son like Alesh? I guess none. Grandma Onilegbale and her friends were specially honoured at the party. She was among those that came forward for photo splash and special prayers for the celebrant. She was gorgeously dressed in black and gold lace Aso-Ebi. Mama was full of gratitude to God for making her witness her son’s 50+1 birthday bash in good health.



This question was only answered after City People dug deeper. An inside source revealed that the celebration was just his birthday bash. Remember that he turned 50 in 2020 and during that time, the deadly COVID-19 pandemic was really ravaging the whole world in full force and there was no vaccine to stem down its effects or reduce the spread, so the party couldn’t hold. In fact, there was lockdown across Nigeria at that time. This was the reason the party was made big when he turned 51.


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