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Why I Changed My Opinion About Primate AYODELE's Prophecies – Social Critic, EMMANUEL ODAFE

Let me begin by saying that I have never been a great fan of Primate Elijah Ayodele. Indeed, I have never been a fan of any of those prophets who go about dropping often frightening prophecies every passing day and claiming they heard from God.

Their prophecies often always left me confounded. I always wondered if they truly heard from God before they put out in the public space some of the things they say they got via divine communication with God. And to be honest, it was always difficult for me to believe any of them.

I was particularly antagonistic of Primate Ayodele. I felt his prophecies were too good to be true, going by the consistency of their accuracy. They didn’t seem real to me. I also felt there was something about his personality that unsettled me, the man is such a fearless prophet who has no difficulty in speaking truth to the powers that be, regardless of the consequences his action could bring upon him. And so I thought he was probably looking for attention. Then, I soon realized the man has gotten all the attention he could ever ask for. He is widely known far beyond the shores of our land and is already getting the international recognition he so eminently deserves. This impressed me a great deal. And after a bit of research and close monitoring of his works, I began to understand him better and see his prophecies differently. I began to have another thought about the kind of person Primate Ayodele is and started to appreciate the accuracy of his prophecies.

In the last few years, I have taken my time to follow some of his prophecies very closely. Before then, I didn’t pay much attention to him other than to mock his prophecies, believing they never come to pass. I have since realized that Primate Ayodele’s prophecies are different from that of other men of God. I have personally taken time to follow his prophecies and seek to know whether they will come to pass or not. Of course, I got answers to all the questions I was seeking answers to. Perhaps I should quickly highlight ten of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies that shocked me and really convinced me about the veracity of his prophecies. Perhaps, at the end of the day, you too would come to understand why Primate Ayodele has become known as the most consistent, most fearless, truthful, honest and dogged prophet to come out from this part of the continent.

The first one was in 2019 when the elections drew closer and I, along with millions of other Nigerians, believed Atiku will win. We all thought it was an assured victory for the former vice president. But Primate Ayodele told anyone who cared to listen that it’s only Saraki who could give PDP victory. We all saw what happened.

Number two, it was this same Primate Ayodele who said no impeachment moves will unseat Saraki as the former Senate President. Even when the intrigues and scheming to unseat the former Kwara State Governor became intense, Ayodele still insisted that none of the impeachment attempts will succeed as Saraki would definitely finish his four years as Senate President. And he did.

Three, and this one also thoroughly shocked me. Ayodele had long prophesied the disagreement between Aregbesola and Governor Oyetola. Nobody saw this coming because Oyetola was Aregbesola’s Chief Of Staff.

Four, despite the fact that Fayose was politically integral to the success of PDP in Ekiti, Ayodele said emphatically that despite his influence in Ekiti State Politics, Fayose’s candidate will not win Ekiti State governorship elections and that was exactly what happened. Five, before the death of Idris of Chad, Ayodele said that Chad would lose a sitting president and it came to pass.

Ayodele was the only prophet who specifically mentioned the name of Joe Biden, as the man the Democrats must pick if they want to defeat Trump. The man of God also warned Biden that for him to succeed, he must pick Kamala Harris as running mate. At first, I thought to myself, this man must be a joker. But, to my surprise, we all saw what happened.

Seven, Ayodele delved into sports and said Chelsea will win the Champions League this year. I didn’t believe him because Chelsea was nowhere near the finals of the competition. That was when I realized it was not a permutation, this was for real.

Number eight, Ayodele had warned the Oba of Lagos to be very careful because he saw him being disgraced. Everyone felt he was saying nonsense, including myself. But we all saw what happened during the Endsars protest how the Oba’s palace was invaded and his staff of office and several valuables were taken away in broad daylight.

Nine, Ayodele had prophesied that Dapo Abiodun’s government will be nothing to write home about, that there will be complications in his government and the people of Ogun State will openly grumble about his non-performance.

Finally, following Femi Adesina’s criticism of Ayodele, I took a closer look again at one of his prophecies. Ayodele had said that there will be a bomb blast in the South-west and he also said that APC will break. Again, many people, especially APC politicians thought the man was talking rubbish. But now, everyone can see that APC has broken. And we saw the bomb blast that followed the jailbreak in Oyo State. Meanwhile, Ayodele was also the only Prophet who prophesied that there would be jailbreak.

I do not intend to take so much time of the readers. I have simply chosen to put my thoughts together and write this article because I believe I owe it to Primate Ayodele to do so. I was one of those who criticized him heavily and even discouraged others from taking him seriously. But I think that, to a large extent, I now know better. Before I send this article to several other platforms, I chose to first send it to City People because I have noticed that the publication carries a lot of content on Primate Ayodele.

Regarding the coming Anambra elections, I still recall quite clearly what the man of God said on the issue because I noticed there has been some sort of controversy regarding what he said and what he did not say. The story making the rounds is that Primate Ayodele said Ifeanyi Ubah will win. I can make a case on behalf of the Primate on this matter because I followed the story fully. What the Primate said, from materials I have read in different publications and online, is that Ifeanyi Ubah can win if he does the needful. Now, has Ifeanyi Ubah done the needful? Ayodele never pronounced that Ifeanyi will win. Ayodele also said that APGA and APC can only win through the rigging. And he has continued to say this. He also said that if PDP can take the right steps, PDP can also win. I know what the man said. I have done my research on his prophecies. In fact, I can give you many of Ayodele’s prophecies right from the top of my head. Is it the Sudan military coup or the Mali military coup? Is it the attempted assassination of the Malian junta who was almost stabbed inside the mosque while praying? Or is it the economic hardship we are facing in Nigeria? Ayodele was the first man to say that pure water will turn to N20. He said that foodstuffs will become very expensive. He also said that the dollar would soon rise to N500 to one dollar.

To be honest, I didn’t think any of these prophecies will come to pass, but I give kudos to the man. He is dogged and resilient. He does not pay attention to what people say about him or his prophecies, he just goes about his job silently. And I must say that am beginning to suspect that some politicians are using Primate Ayodele’s prophecies for a campaign. Ayodele’s prophecies are not for campaigns, they are meant for people to follow them and make sense out of them. If I have my way, I will encourage the man to be giving Nigerians daily update on what is going to come in the country. His calling is different and unique. Its different from Pastor Adeboye’s calling, its different Apostle Suleiman’s calling, its different from Oyedepos calling, Propohet Olagunju has his own calling,I can go on and on. But Primate Ayodele is like the prophet of a nation.

Recall that Ayodele prophesied about the death of Abba Kyari, the gunshot in the Villa and the fire outbreak in the Villa. The death of Abba Kyari shocked me. Even more shocking was the prophecy on the death of Kashamu Buruji. Go online and you will find these prophecies there. I am not here to promote the man. I used to be one of his antagonists myself. I criticized him a lot. I never believed in his prophecies or other prophecies for that matter, but now, I believe in Primate Ayodele’s prophecies more than ever before. I have done my research on his prophecies and now believe in the truthfulness of his prophecies. I remember reading it on Opera news many months ago just at the time when Sunday Igboho was arrested where Ayodele said he will stay long in detention. Is that not what is happening now?

Let us even move out of Nigeria. Ayodele shocked me when he said the Benin president and the opposition party will come together as one. Now, I have read it somewhere that the ruling party and opposition are coming together for a peaceful resolution and possible coalition. Ayodele was the first man to tell the world about Patience Jonathan’s health and that she should pray against surgery. He was also the first to declare that Jonathan will not win. I was shocked when he said this because the man was the incumbent president. In the Guardian publication of January 6, 2019, page 4, Ayodele said that PDP will win Oyo State. Since 7 years ago, Ayodele had warned about the state of insecurity in the nation.

I urge Ayodele to stay focused. He has done well. He has done what no other prophet in Africa and the world at large has done. I ordered for his book of 1,000 Fulfilled Prophecies, that’s something no one else has done. Many may not realize this now, but in no distant time from now, Nigerians will begin to appreciate the prophetic value and outstanding qualities of the man called Primate Elijah Ayodele.

 — EMMANUEL ODAFE is a Social critic and writes from Bayelsa.

Opinion articles are completely the thoughts of their authors and do not in any way represent the interest of InfoOnlineNews Magazine


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