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Why VP OSINBAJO Can't Resist The Heavy Pressure To Run For 2023 Presidency

Will Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo run for Presidency in 2023? That is the big question many political analysts are asking. From the VP, mum is the word. But City People has it on good authority that he is most likely to run. He is being described as the most acceptable politician among those who are eyeing the job. And those who are backing his candidacy from the North and have the ear of the Presidency.

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo is right now the man of the moment, following the pressure being mounted on him to run for presidency come 2023. Amidst all the political permutations that seem to point at Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who’s from the same camp and has been nursing the presidential ambition for as long as the eve of the 4th republic, over two decades ago there are strong indications that the VP will run.

The presidency of Buhari in 2015, allegedly came with an understanding that the party national leader and key figure in the southwest, Bola Tinubu will assume power in 2023, but the political climate, especially for the North is so intense and sceptical about who receives the baton from Buhari and who will keep them within the power corridor for another 8 years, all things being equal.

Even as Professor Yemi Osinbajo, is yet to stand before a camera and make the following declaration: “I accept the call to run for the office of the Presidency.”, it is beginning to look like the Vice President may have no choice than to accept the challenge, following all the powerful forces behind the plot to field him as the All Progressive Congress, APC presidential candidate.

Should he accept and ultimately win the election, VP Osinbajo will be the 3rd Yoruba President, from the same state as all the Presidents that have governed Nigeria, Ogun State and will be the very first democratic vice president that would have served for 8 years and advance to the office of the President in the history of Nigeria.

According to reliable sources, who are very close to the Vice President, the coast is very clear for him to run despite the rough edges that the southerners are considering and the internal infractions that is rocking the party.

A very close aide of the Vice President was recently quoted in an interview stating that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Vp if he decides to throw his hat in the ring come 2023, to battle at the poll for the presidency, “after all, he is most fit for the office”, he had said. The gist is that there are actually some Big forces behind Osinbajo’s presidential bid, and they currently play powerful roles in the current political undertakings. They are the ones who hold the party structure and they are the key people who are very close to Buhari, and who give Buhari advice on delicate matters. They are the key stakeholders at the Govenors’ forum; they are the powerful religious leaders in the north who can mobilize people en masse. It is even hinted that some of them ae governors from the powerful K-States of the north, whose votes usually serve as the game changers during the elections.

Being a gentleman, a southerner and a Pastor, the idea is to field him to serve the zoning structure and place a strong northerner by his side as a Vice President to secure their place at the centre. There are also forces in the south who prefer Osinbajo to run but have remained a silent faction that would not want to raise unnecessary noise before the much anticipated APC Convention.

Amidst all of these, support groups are still springing up, Whatsapp groups are launching every day with respect to the mobilization of supporters and foremen are already engaging the people to canvass for support.  The Osinbajo Grassroots Organisation, OGO, has also not retreated in their campaign for the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, as the future of Nigeria. OGO’s National Convener, Foluso Ojo, said insisted that the Vice President has at several instances displayed his competence and ability to govern Nigeria.

According to Ojo: “We have identified in the Vice President a leader of unimpeachable character; someone who can continue on the good works already started by President Muhammadu Buhari. “We do not want Nigerians to gamble with this very important decision to pay attention to only politicians, when as stakeholders, we as the youths of this country, can also identify a man with required competence, character and passion to move the nation forward.

“On different occasions, Prof Yemi Osinbajo has demonstrated that he possesses the unique competence, fairness, accommodation, tolerance and respect for the rule of law to carry everyone along as critical stakeholders in the Nigerian future. “So, we do not need him or anyone to tell us that Prof Osinbajo is a pathway to Nigeria’s future from 2023.”.

As of today, neither VP Osinbajo nor his media handlers have come to refute or disclaim Foluso Ojo’s fast-growing movement. President Mohammadu Buhari is also caught between loyalties as there are indications that he will have a significant role to play in the emergence of the next president that will succeed him. Recall that popular cleric, Tunde Bakare, had advised President Muhammadu Buhari to pick his successor for the 2023 presidential election. Pastor Bakare advised the President to put in place a succession system, saying leaders in countries like China, Singapore and South Africa put in place such succession plans. Although sources from Aso Rock had dismissed the insinuation that the President will pick a successor, it was made clear that President Mohammed will be interested in the process. He will ensure that there is a free, fair and credible election; that nobody will come to use money and resources to bamboozle his way into the leadership of the country.

Osinbajo’s style of operation, in the lens of Nigerian pundits, may resemble that of former President Goodluck Jonathan, but we can tell you for free that he’s a warrior. This is a man who walked out of a smokey, crashed helicopter without a wobble, without a limp, without a bruise, and without an excuse to stay off his duties as VP even for an hour. He emerged out of the propeller helicopter as if nothing was amiss, and today Nigerians earnestly seek his interest. When one considers the zoning system, Osinabjo qualifies on all fronts, he is a Christian from the South.


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