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Abepa of Joga Orile, Oba Adeyemi Adekeye Celebrates 19th Coronation Anniversary

The Abepa of Joga-Orile, Lagori III, Oba Adeyemi Adekeye has clocked 19 years on the throne of his forefathers today, December 21, 2020, and is celebrating it in a low key.

Abepa who ascended the throne exactly 19 years ago today has brought so much physical and economic development to Joga Orile and is determined to even do more as long as God engraces him.

The Lagori III also revealed that for developments to speed up in the ancient town situated in Yewa-North, Ogun State, there has to be a presence of more basic amenities especially in the area of education.

He has, therefore, appealed to the government at all levels with a special focus on private individuals to come and establish a Tertiary Institution at Jogaland with a pledge of providing free land to support any interested investors.

Abepa made this pledge cum appeal in an interview with the First Awareness at his Palace, Joga-Orile marking his 19th years Coronation Anniversary expected to come up on Tuesday 21st December 2021.

According to Oba Adekeye, what Joga-Orile desires right now is a tertiary institution be it University or Polytheistic to bring rapid development and improve the economic well being of his subjects.

"Yes, my desire for Joga-Orile now is a tertiary institution to foster rapid development of the land and better economic growth of my people. Anywhere there is a tertiary institution there must be developed and improve the economic situation of the people living in the environment." Abepa stressed.

Still stressing on the development, Lagori III said apart from the peaceful co-existence of the people in Joga-Orile, a modern Golf playing centre with five stars hotels has been established in Joga-Orile. In Ogun State today, after Abeokuta the next place to play Golf is Joga-Orile.

Abepa said there is good land for farming that could be used by anybody interested in Agricultural business or businesses such as poultry rabbitry, piggery and other forms of farming.

He, therefore, called on all private businessmen and women who want to invest in education to come to Joga-Orile as he pledged free land for their establishment.

Kabiyesi who was full of praises to God for His protection, blessing and grace for witnessing yet another successful year on earth, said Joga-Orile has witnessed some remarkable developments since he became the royal father of the ancient town some 19th years ago.

"I became Abepa the Lagori III, on December 2002. I came from the United States of America (US) during Governor Osoba regime and my linage is Lagori and by God's grace, I am Lagori the III. Since then, God has been using me for tremendous changes in Joga-Orile because, at that time Jogaland was so backward but today, we have started to witness some physical development.

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