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How We Plan To Secure 2 Million Votes For TINUBU – Members Of LAGOS State Women For SWAGA

Members of the Lagos State Women for SWAGA held a colourful event on Sunday, 5th December 2021. It was an event planned for all members to meet their National Women Leader, Hon. Omidiran aka Mama SWAGA, Hon. Omobolanle Obe and the Lagos State Co-ordinator, Chief Mrs Hajia Fatima Bello. It was a Meet & Greet Event. At the event, the women revealed that they are set to gather at least 2 million votes for him come 2023 presidential elections. 

The vibrant group made up of many women of substance made their intention known that day when they had their first outing at the Ojodu Berger area of Lagos. 

The meeting was tagged “Meet and Greet”; creating an avenue for members to interact and with the General Coordinator of the highly influential group, Honourable Ayo Omidiran. 

The event was really an eye-opening session for members, as they were sensitized on the tasks at hand: how to mobilise votes for their most preferred presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and how best to go about it making it a reality come 2023.

The executive members of the Lagos state chapter of the group led by the chairperson, Honourable Omobolanle Obe and the Coordinator, Hajia Fatima Bello spoke on the mission of the group and how they intend to secure a minimum of 2 million votes for Asiwaju, come 2023.


WHAT Hajia Bello said

“We are going to convince women. Our Lagos state chairman, Honourable Bolanle Obe has been a grassroots politician for long. We believe in her that she is going to do wonders. When she promised that she is going to get us votes of at least 2 million women, I know she will do it. I give it to her. She is a mother to us. She has brought everybody on board for this cause.

“Our Baba Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu has a passion for the Women and the Youth. We believe if all women stand for him, we are going to make our voice count, come 2023. We are women, we build our homes and I believe we will build Nigeria.

“Everybody is welcome on board. I am the State Coordinator. I thank Honourable Omidiran for giving me the opportunity to serve Lagos. We welcome everybody on board. There’s no friction here. Whoever is ready to work for Bola Ahmed Tinubu is welcome on board. It’s about having the man that is going to listen to us when he gets there."


Affirming this, Honourable Obe added that:

“Women are the ones capable of mobilizing for elections. We have the acknowledgement, passion and the action to do all these. The men are very supportive and with that, we can be able to gather more votes than before. That is why the SWAGA Women are working hard to secure resounding victory not only during the primary but at the General elections. We are going to surprise Lagos, we are going to surprise Nigeria by the grace of God with the numbers of votes were going to secure for Asiwaju.

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