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The Story Of My N9 Billion Loan From WEMA Bank – Pastor TUNDE BAKARE

 •What He Told His Congregation

Talk about a fearless servant of God, who has never failed to speak truth to power from the very first day he took up his divinely assigned calling, and his name, Tunde Bakare will pop up. For over 30 years, he has not stopped dishing out the word of God, not as we want to hear it soothingly but as raw as God had instructed all his apostles.

He is rugged, resolute and assertive in his preaching, despite being a fine-wine for as many who can discern the scriptural truth from the nugget-based shaft propagated by sacrifice-based Pastors that have flooded Christendom. Pastor Tunde Bakare is one of a kind. His articulate persona and fearless style of preaching have fetched him too many enemies, but he’s unperturbed about the media war that has been waged against him. Recently, some local blogs published a report about Pastor Tunde Bakare, reportedly borrowing money from a Nigerian bank to build his megachurch, but the man of God didn’t mute a world to react. The news was later debunked as baseless and untrue.  Sequel to the media attack encountered last week, Tunde Bakare during Sunday service on January 2, 2022, shared some reflections of the challenges he’s had growing up and how God took control of his life and proved soothsayers and seers wrong about him.

Recall that Pastor Tunde Bakare had several health issues while growing up and all hope was almost lost about him. He reportedly found it difficult to walk up to the age of 15, but he got perfect healing with time, without any pastor or Imam raising hands on him. During the service, he shed more light on his growing up experiences and how God has sustained the church for over 33 years. He also took some jabs at those who promoted the debt story against him online and assured Nigerians that the truth will soon be revealed for all to see. Read excerpts from the sermon!

I don’t know about it, but I’m thankful to God for feeding us well in this place. I’m so grateful to him that every moment he gives us choice words. For me, the bible is my eternal GPS. The Holy Spirit is the one that sets it on not me. And then the word comes alive, and I’ll be able to navigate through the ups and downs and the twists and turns of this life. I cannot but continue to thank him for putting in me a deep seated hunger for the true words of God.

When I was very young my mother took me to a man, who told her I will not live up to 30 years. The man was so sure that I won’t live long and my mother believed him. I didn’t even git it a second thought.

So one day, while I was still very young, my mother brought in a young girl and told me that’s my wife. I went in and the lady followed. She didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I got in, brought out a cutlass and told her, “If you move any closer you are a dead meat”, and that was the end of the marriage.

My mother thought since I won’t live long, I should at least bear her a child to see when I’m gone. Little by little I clocked 20, then thirty, then 40 then 50, and before we all know it, I’m 6o, praise the lord.

As if that was not enough God did not stop at proving them wrong with long life that he has given me, he also prospered me.

So one day my mother just looked at me and said, “It is not advisable to listen to these seers”.

One of us sent me a note when the recent (media) war broke out that pastor, you told us that they will attack us fiercely. We saw it before it came, that’s why we are not perturbed. We’re not worried at all. It’s part of it, you know you are in your promise land when Goliath shows up. To every devil there’s a pebble. Or is it not the same people that wrote that I am swimming in debt that also retract that it’s no longer so?

Tell your neighbour I’m sorted, I’m settled.

Walahi, we’re not going abroad to borrow anything. What we need is here. And they will begin to vomit them back. In 2022 they have started vomiting. You are going to hear good news from abroad and from home that those who stole are bringing them back. We’re not going to throw them into jail to start feeding them again. We’ll take what they have and let them walk naked. Omo Ole (Son of a thief). They join politics, they have a car and a jalopy car. In one year they are dedicating six houses. E ro ju ole e o mu. (You stare at a thief in the eye and you couldn’t catch him). If they provoke you, you don’t respond like stupid people

One day, my son got so angry in America and he walked into my office and he said, daddy what they did me today, if they ever did it again…I said calm down. So I called Fisayom, I called Seyi and I called Segun; I said Seyi! He said dad? And I faced Segun and said, Segun you are not answering me, he said but you didn’t call me, you called Seyi, and I’m not Seyi. I said Okay, and I called Fisayo and she answered, I faced Segun again and said why are you not answering me, he said because I’m not Fisayo. So I asked, then are you Stupid? If they call you stupid just walk away. They will know who is stupid at the end of the day. You don’t have to engage in an unnecessary fight.

They said you are swimming in 9 billion debt, let them go and borrow theirs. I didn’t leave my house. It was the bank that came for me themselves. Whatever how much I am owing, I will pay without remaining a kobo, without stress. God lifts you and they want to bring you down, why fight them? We won’t fight useless battles at all.


-Joseph Seun Emmanuel

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