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What The Govt Must Do To Make Nigerian Youths Stay In Nigeria - Pst W.F. Kumuyi

The General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, has said a large number of Nigerian youths are fleeing the country to other places because their needs are not met by the government.

Kumuyi spoke while declaring open the Global Youth Convocation, tagged: ‘Impact’ at the Deeper Life Conference Centre, KM 42, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway on Wednesday evening.

Kumuyi, who is the Convener of the Global Youth Convocation for youths in the nation, said the society is driven by the youths and that when their roles were left unserved and their involvement not targeted, they vote with their feet.

He said some of them who had the opportunity would flee abroad to seek greener pasture, would leave, while some others would engage in deviant behaviour.

“The society is driven by the youth. When their roles are left unserved and involvement not targeted. When this happens, they vote with their feet, leaving home, fleeing the country; those not fortunate enough to leave are engaged in nefarious activities.

“This explains the exodus of youths to other countries that promise them better prospects, we must find a way to get those prospects at home,” he said.

He said the basis for any progress is to show the youth that there are better ways to advance their interests, to deepen their involvement in the development of their nations, harness their creative energies, advance their prospects, to become better prepared for the future.

Kumuyi added: “The youth population of any nation is pivotal to its development. Also equipping the youth means targeting their creative potentials, their enthusiastic energy, their capacity to attempt and adopt new ways of thinking. This is how to change that works in societies is driven by the youth.”

The man of God urged Nigerian youths to ensure they were adequately equipped spiritually and formally to be able to play the role thrust on them by God, as the veritable future of nations.

He said Impact is designed for all categories of youths from teenagers, campus and recent graduates of youths and young adults.

In his welcome address, Professor Sunday Oyediran of the University of Lagos, a Co-Chair of the Organising Committee, believed that at the heart of the global programme, was the compelling need “to address the rapidly increasing instances of deviant culture among youths, a decline in positive societal role models and the need for transformative innovation.”

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