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Why AREPO Area Is A Hot Spot For Real Estate Business

•5 Key Things You Need To Know


Location is very key in the real estate business and it is one of the determinants in the real estate market. Location of property always has an effect on the demand and price of a particular landed property.

The price of landed property in Lekki Phase1 is different from Ibeju-Lekki because of the location. Most times, the accessibility to property always plays a key role in the appreciation of that particular property.

Lately, a lot of property players have been positioning themselves in and out of Lagos. The scarcity of land in Lagos has forced many of them to move to the border side of Lagos like Mowe, Magboro, Arepo, Ibafo, Simawa and so on. Prices of real estate in those areas have also moved up because of many reasons. Don’t forget that the construction of Lagos/Ibadan 4 highways road is almost completed and as we write, prices of real estate in that axis have moved up because of this single reason.

Another reason is that Arepo houses major and key institutions, both, private and public. Before we take you further, let's tell you more about the Town Arepo. Arepo is a satellite town of the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State. It is a delightful place to live in due to its classic nature and the type of magnificent structures erected in the town. The city is a bubbling environment and boasts of some amazing restaurants, recreation parks, relaxation centres, shopping malls, to mention a few.

Arepo is a fast-developing district and smart investors are keying into exploring the future realty benefits it has to offer. A few years back, lands at Arepo sold for as low as N800,000. Seeing an upsurge in development, and owing to the ever-growing population of Lagos state, a plot of land at Arepo now cost as much as N15m. The location is also referred to as the new Magodo.

Arepo is approximately a 20-minute drive from central Ikeja and home to over 4,000 residents. It is a perfect location for middle-class citizenry who want to live close to the Lagos capital thus making commuting stress-free. No one loves to spend those long hours in holdups. In this write-up, we’ve highlighted five reasons why you should invest in Arepo and why it’s a hot spot for the real estate business.



Investing in Real Estate any day anytime is a smart way of yielding a steady inflow of cash, It’s amazing how much a plot of land in Arepo is selling as at now unlike before now. With a fast-developing area like Arepo, which is close to the busiest economic cities in Africa, there is no doubt on the financial return on investment that will be generated from your investment in it.


We all know how much time is spent on traffic in Lagos, the traffic in Lagos can be really frustrating, it will only be wise to leverage areas close to Lagos as time spent on traffic on a daily basis can be totally reduced and your time can be channelled to more productivity.



The proximity of Lagos to Arepo gives the area the opportunity to reap the benefits of being close to Nigerians commercial nerve centre. And it is steady leveraging on this, as already seen in the price of its properties which will continually increase.



The lack of large expanses of land, the clutter, noise, and many individuals and organizations in Lagos is a good reason to invest in Arepo, Arepo offers serenity, fresh air, a cooler environment than Lagos and a fantastic return on investment as the prices on houses are relatively cheap.



Arepo has a considerable number of popular luxury estates, some of which are Journalist Estate, Voera Estate, Praise Hill Estate, etc. The fact that these estates are in Arepo tells you the area is fast becoming a hot cake. It is equally important to note that some notable organizations like punch office, channels tv, etc are located in Arepo.

In conclusion, Arepo is not just a cool place to be or live in but the next best choice for Nigerians who work in the Center of Excellence and are looking for stress-free ways to commute within the city. There’s also a host of affordable properties you can key into and start building on the go. People are taking advantage of the opportunity to invest in Arepo and it has over a few years proven to be a promising point for real estate investors.


-Isaac Abimbade 

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