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BIMPE BELLO's Daughter, REKIYAT, Marries In Grand Style

•Details Of Her Classy Wedding To JOSHUA AJITENA In LAGOS


Falling in love doesn’t know any limits. It cannot be stopped by Tribe, Religion or even political association. This was the experience shared by 2 friends, Rekiyat and Joshua Ajitena who became lovers and ended up as a happy couple, legally and traditionally married on Saturday, February 5, 2022, in Lagos.

The very colourful celebration of love started with the 2 families getting to meet each other the day before and then the Engagement ceremony between the Awosika and Ajitena families. But it eventually escalated into a full-blown Owambe party. It was a wedding ceremony with a touch of Class, Affluence and everything in-between. It was a party that had a blend of the oldies and the new generation. And both audiences had maximum enjoyment of the typical Yoruba wedding party. The 2 families spent a lot to make the day a memorable one.

Starting from the choice of venue, down to the decoration and vendors, everything about the wedding ceremony had a deeper love story than what the ordinary eyes can behold.

DAMILARE SALAMI 08155134152 was there in the company of Senior Photojournalist, Abdulrasheed Sanni who supplied the beautiful pictures that accompanied this tale of a romantic affair. Below are excerpts from the event.



As from about 12:00 noon, there was a high expectation of a mammoth crowd to grace this talk of the town wedding at the ever-classy Time Square Event Center on Ajao Road, Ikeja, Lagos. Expectations were high because Time Square doesn’t host any party that lacks Class. It has been the favourite venue for many celebrities who value class, on the mainland. The wedding attracted about 500 guests.


About The Bride And Groom’S Family

The Bride’s family is a household name in Ondo town in Southwest Nigeria. The bride’s father, Mr E.A. Awosika was a proud son of the Awosika dynasty in Ondo Town. Awosika family from Ondo is one of the largest families in Nigeria. The Awosika family house which is located at the round-about in Odotu Street, Ondo City, Nigeria, is recognized as the main Awosika family house.

The Mother of the bride is Adebimpe Bello, a very beautiful and hardworking businesswoman. She is a huge success in what she does. She deals in Eggs. She is also a staunch believer in the Christian faith. She hails from Ibadan, Oyo State and had been a reliable and dutiful mother to Rekiyat from birth up till now. Tolu, who offered as the Groom's father is an uncle to him.

The Groom’s family are quite popular in Modakeke and  Ife. The Groom's dad is from Modakeke, while mum is from Ile-Ife, Osun State. Both parents of the groom live in the UK. They are clergies. They are senior pastors at Christ Light International Word Outreach Ministries on Old Kent Road, London. Rev. Dr Ebenezer & Peter Mrs Cecilia Ajitena are renowned ministers of the gospel and they have taken the gospel to almost everywhere in the world.



The party was quite colourful. It was a bright affair as the combination of mint green and peach stood the event out. Guests were quite selective with their chosen outfits. Their attires suited the party and those who didn’t come in the required Aso-Ebi still wore the matching colours. It is a known fact that the couple as well as their parents are quite spiritual, the colours of the day were not just chosen for the sake of the beauty and owambe alone, they also had their spiritual connotations and this explained what Rekiyat and Joshua share in details. Mint green is often associated with freshness and creativity. People who favour mint green tend to be creative, and open-minded. In the same vein, the peach colour symbolises vitality, energy, playfulness, and encouragement. There were several fashion styles from both the male and female guests at the party and they all together made the party bigger than it was anticipated.



Call the party a hub of fashionistas and you may not be totally wrong. Virtually all the guests stood out in their various attires but the most notable of them all were the parents of the couple. Their attires were simple, classy and quite expensive too. It was a combination of sky blue agbada and navy blue cap for the men while the women were adorned in very beautiful silver colour HOH lace with a touch of blue.



Not one would have expected the quality of men in the groom’s gang when they first arrived. Of course, being affluent is not written on the forehead, this fact would have made a lot of people undermine the big boys who came in as friends of the groom. But at the point when they were needed the most, they showed class and quality. Their outfits were outstanding. They were quite unique among the guests. Their attires were carton brown agbada and peach colour cap.



Handsome Joshua Oluseyi Ajitena doesn’t just look like a groom on his big day, he was the groom. His first attire was a monotone green outfit. It was a sparkling damask material. For the reception party, it was another monotone magenta outfit. His entry for the engagement party was grand but that of the reception party in the company of his wife and the bridal train was bigger.



Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. But that of Rekiyat Adenike Edinbus is conspicuous enough for even the blind to see. Rekiyat is young blood with a lot of lovable attributes. She is the beautiful daughter of Adebimpe Bello, an accomplished Lagos businesswoman. She is the only child of her mum. She is well trained and well-mannered. She is the kind of bride every mum prays for her son to marry. No wonder, when on the day her parents were giving her out, they were moved to tears. Her dad told the Ajitena family and particularly the groom that they were blessed to have her because she’s a well trained and complete woman of honour and dignity.

Rekiyat, just like her husband, was adorned in two different outfits and both looked good on her. She was the most beautiful individual at the event. Many would say it’s because she’s the bride but far from it, she is well endowed with all forms of beauty. She is also well educated. She has a good job. She is a General Manager at Z Petro Limited, an emerging Oil & Gas Servicing company. Her bosses were in attendance. So also a lot of her colleagues from her office and the oil industry. Brides friends were made up of a lot of beautiful Big Girls from the Oil & Gas, and Banking Sectors, like the Sahara Group and Polaris. Some of her friends flew in from the UK. They work in the Tech Sector.



There’s a popular Yoruba adage that is interpreted to mean that a child could have just two parents, but can have as many guardians as possible. This was the case of Joshua Ajitena, the Groom. He could be well regarded as one of the sons of the veteran musician, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey. He was Joshua’s godfather when he was born. Baba Commander was not only present at the event, a lot of Obey family members came. He even played some fatherly role at the engagement ceremony. A further finding by City People revealed that Evang. Obey is a very close friend of Rev. (Dr.) Ajitena. They have both been partners in the ministry for a long time.



It is no longer news that Evangelist Ebenezer Obey and Pastor Adelakun (popularly called Baba Ayewa) are close. They’ve come a long way. Though many people know him as Ayewa, his real name is Pastor Joseph Adebayo Adelakun. He is a legendary Yoruba gospel music icon. He became very popular in early 1984 with his gospel vibe, Amona Tete Mabo. He had released over 30 musical albums over the years as a gospel singer. Pastor Adelakun was also at the event. He sat right beside Evangelist Obey all through the event. And he was given a few minutes to deliver his popular track. Many of the guests, including the groom, got emotional and sang along with him.



Everyone simply calls him Kenny Jones, but his real name is Kehinde Olayiwola. He is a twin, who is blessed with a lot of gifts. He is a Lagos tailor who goes around with his tape rule. He is a fashion designer too, He creates great designs for his customers. He sings also. He drums and he is also a Minister of God. He springs up each day with unique styles of clothing.  He was present at the event with his branded KJ designer wears and made some cash statements on the dance floor. He is set to celebrate his 30 years in the fashion industry.



Tolu Obey-Fabiyi was the musician of the day. He is the only child that takes after his father, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi as a musician. He is a member of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN). He is also a poet and has successfully stepped into the shoes of his father, the legendary Ebenezer Obey Commander. He brought back the old vibes of his father at the event. His band boys reminded the older guests of the good old days of Ebenezer Obey on the guitar. To be candid, he did so well. He also had some of the guests spray him cash as well as the couple and their friends.



There is no gainsaying the fact that Ajele Adeyemi, otherwise known as MC Ajele has become a household name as far as the Nigeria comedy circle is concerned. The feat, apparently, was not earned by a sudden flight but by a dint of hard work and commitment on his part. In the same vein, his unique delivery while on stage is a factor that has contributed immensely to how his brand became more appealing by each passing day, yet to those who desire excellence. He brought his A-game at the reception. His introduction alone made the congregation to fall in love with him and the rest, they say, is history.



DJ Jones Jonzin was another talking point at the Ife-MI, Ore-MI fairytale. He immediately took over from Tolu Obey at the after-party and he thrilled till mama called. Just as MC Ajele was playing the hype man role, DJ Jonzin was giving the couple and the bridal train very hot vibes.



Let’s quickly tell you about the bridal game that was anchored by MC Ajele. It was a dance competition between the bride’s ladies and the groom’s men. Three candidates were nominated from each of the groups for a dance contest. It was a flawless victory as the ladies carried the day. The party continued afterwards and the owambe lasted till very late in the night.



The Bride's mum is an old student of Remo Secondary School (RSS) in Sagamu. No wonder why RSS Old Students attended the wedding. All of them are classmates of Bride's mum. They are Gbemi Fayemi, Titi Adodoyin, Sari Alli, Fuad Ajakaiye, Olumide Onimole, Rashida and Seye Kehinde.

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