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Group Calls For Preservation Of Yoruba Cultural Values & Traditions

A socio-cultural group known as the Yoruba Heritage Art and Cultural Group Worldwide, in its efforts in ensuring that the tradition and cultural values of the entire race do not go into extinction, has called on parents and guardians of Yoruba descent on the need to ensure that the language, heritage and it’s cultural value is well preserved and kept.

This call was made during the group's 2nd-anniversary celebration and launching of (maiden edition) magazine; which was held in Ibadan, the Capital City of Oyo State on Saturday, 29th of January 2022.

The group, which was said to be an umbrella body for the Oba Yoruba in Diaspora, was created with support from Obas in Yorubaland to promote the Yoruba culture, heritage, language and cultural values of the race.

According to the Founder of the group, Oba (Dr) Saheed Olamilekan Ibrahim Adufe, Ori Lobamise 1st, said that the group was created to preserve and promote Yoruba culture, values and heritage.

Kabiyesi said: "What we are doing today is the second anniversary of Yoruba Heritage Art and Cultural Program Worldwide.

“Under the umbrella of Yoruba Heritage, we use it to promote our culture, most especially Yoruba culture. When we are talking about Yoruba culture, it is our hereditary culture, it is our heritage.

We met this before we came to this world and there is no how, as a black man, as a Yoruba man that I will grow without promoting my culture and my heritage”.

Speaking on the rate at which the Yoruba language is being despised amidst the Yoruba people, Oba Adufe Ori Lobamise 1st lamented that it is quite unfortunate for many Yoruba people who have outlawed the Yoruba language.

“When I see my Yoruba people complaining about their children speaking Yoruba most especially in school, I see it as a very shameful and regrettable thing.

“Talking about countries in Europe, for instance, the Republic of Ireland where I reside, they value their culture and when we are talking about Yoruba culture, it is a unique culture that inspired even the white men and women.

That’s why you see the Brazilian, the Portuguese, the white people all over the world coming down to Nigeria to learn about Yoruba, Ifa, Orisa, our heritage. But unfortunately, many Yoruba people, our mothers, our fathers have outlawed the Yoruba language and the culture in its entirety, he said.

Speaking further, Oba Adufe complained that many Yoruba people lacked understanding by tagging the Yoruba culture an old fashion or primitive while noting that “there is no how anybody will see you even from a far distance that they will not know that you are a Yoruba man because we are unique as well as our culture.”

“I pray to Eledumare that if I’m coming to this world another time, I will prefer to come as Yoruba man, he prayed. The entire hall stood still for her.

The founder and initiator of Yoruba Heritage Art and Cultural Group Worldwide, (YHACGW) attended. He is also the founder of the OAS Royal Foundation. He is the CEO, S2 Ultimate Holistic Spiritual Herbal and Remedies Int’l Ltd, producers of S2 Ultimate Bitters.. a.k.a. Alujo Bitters and many other products, CEO, ASORAT Royal Ultimate Ventures.

He is an Islamic Cleric (Sheikh) with a deep understanding of Arabic knowledge and language. He is a Trado-Medical Doctor that heals and cures ailments and diseases with alternative medicine (Herbs and Roots). He is a good listener, an orator and a lover of truth.

He is HRM Oba Dr. Saheed Olamilekan Ibrahim Adufe, Ori Lobamise 1st. The Oba Yoruba Republic of Ireland and Chairman, Council of Obas in Diaspora.

He attended Methodist Primary School, Ibadan. Holy Trinity Grammar School, Ibadan. A graduate of Science Laboratory Technology from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. With Diploma in Herbalism and Advance Herbalism, London.

A Diploma holder in Holistic, Republic of Ireland.

A graduate in Warehousing Operatives and Customers Relations.

With many years of working experience in the Republic of Ireland and government hospitals.

Kabiesi is a symbol of Yoruba culture and heritage all over the world. He is dedicated to the preservation of Yoruba Arts. Culture and Heritage.

He has a personal vision of using Yoruba Arts and Culture to inspire a deeper understanding of Yoruba identity, the beauty in Yoruba Cultural Heritage and its influence on contemporary society.

At an early age, he was one of the closest children to his late father who never compromised Yoruba Cultural Values and also uses herbs, roots and leaves in curing certain ailments and diseases during his lifetime.

The rich Yoruba culture and tradition, he experienced in his early years with his father, coupled with his line of studies as a Science Laboratory Technology graduate, prepared him for what he is doing today.

Kabiesi’s unrelated efforts in further research on the use of herbal medicine, as one element of complementary and alternative medicine, which is on the increase worldwide, stands him out among his peers.

Despite how far and wide he has travelled, Kabiesi still upholds the values of a Yoruba man to a fault.

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