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List Of Top APC Big Guns Eyeing AKALA's Position

 ...As Oyo State APC Leader

It is no longer news that the former governor of Oyo State and a prominent chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC in the state, Otunba Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala is dead. It is also public knowledge that the sudden exit of ‘Oyato’ Governor’, as Akala was widely called by his political associates and admirers, has created a huge vacuum in his party.

The major question on the lips of many in Oyo State presently, however, is, who succeeds Alao-Akala as Oyo APC Leader? To start with, there is no debate about the fact that the leadership position of any political party must be held by someone with vast knowledge of political happenings within and outside his state. He must be somebody whose political contacts and the network cut across the state, zone and federal levels. Such a person must be a grassroots politician and a good manager of people too. The person must be well accepted and respected to a large extent.

All these qualities must have been extensively put into consideration when the late immediate past governor of the state, Senator Abiola Ajimobi named Akala as Head of the Oyo APC reconciliation committee in March 2020. Senator Ajimobi, a two-term Governor, until his death, was the leader of Oyo APC. So with his exit in June 2020, the leadership mantle of Oyo APC automatically falls on Alao-Akala as the most senior political office holder in the party.

Of course, his leadership was initially antagonized by some members (the progressives) who felt Alao-Akala was new in APC and shouldn’t be placed above those he met in the party. There was also the belief that Akala may be rooting for the conservatives in the party. It would be recalled that the former governor, in the build-up to the 2019 governorship election, left APC for Action Democratic Party (ADP), where he contested the Guber race alongside Prof. Abideen Olaiya as his running mate.

After the elections, Alao-Akala returned to APC and was later made the Chairman of the Elders Advisory Council of Oyo APC by the late Governor Ajimobi. The role he played excellently well till he breathed his last. So much that his rejection by some members of the party soon became a non-issue. Under Alao-Akala’s leadership in Oyo APC, a good number of the aggrieved members have been reconciled back to the party.

As a matter of fact, though a new executive put in place by Alao-Akala has not been inaugurated as a result of petitions but the Ogbomoso-born politician made sure that all the 33 local governments are adequately represented in his projected executive.

In his words, “There are 33 local governments with 36 executive positions. Each of the local government will produce a member each in the executive while the three remaining positions would be shared among the three senatorial districts.”

Little wonder then that the political watchers in the state are curiously waiting to see who emerges as Oyo APC Leader after Akala, ahead of the February national convention of the party and the 2023 general elections.

As much as the position is in dire need to be filled, the party executives must be careful in choosing their leader as well. There is a need for parties to be carried along, as the aftermath effect of the process will make or mar the party

However, some names have since come up among who Akala’s successor may emerge.

There is Chief Iyiola Oladokun a former Deputy Governor under late Ex-Oyo Governor, Alhaji Lam Adesina. He is said to be the most senior political office holder in Oyo APC presently. He is from the Oke-Ogun area where APC State Chairman slot is being zoned to. He is a big-time farmer, he has the required experience to lead the party as a former Deputy Governor. But his political relevance and acceptability are in doubt.

Just like Iyiola Oladokun, Moses Alake-Adeyemo is a former Deputy Governor and also from the Oke-Ogun zone. He is from Igboho in Oorelope Local Government of Oyo State. He served for eight years as Deputy Governor under the administration of late Governor Abiola Ajimobi. He has a wonderful character, he is a man of peace. The only issue is that he’s not as popular as needed for the leader of a political party.

There is also Sen. Ayo Adeseun. He is a well-equiped politician in Oyo State. He is highly knowledgeable about the state’s politics. He is a former local government chairman of Surulere Local Government, Iresaadu in Ogbomoso. Like late Alao-Akala, Ayo Adeseun is a charismatic politician and a good bridge builder too. As a former House of Representatives member and Senator who represented Oyo Central, he has the resources and connections to do the job. In fact, he would have been the best person to lead Oyo APC. What may work against him, however, is what some people have tagged him as being ‘inconsistent’. He is seen by some as a serial defector. Senator Ayo Adeseun has been off the political scene in the state for a while too.


Chief Akin Oke is the outgoing State Chairman of Oyo APC. He is from Ogbomoso like Senator Ayodele Adeseun. He steered the affairs of the party for 11 years. A core progressive and peaceful man. But unfortunately, he doesn’t have the political clout to do the job. He is of age too.

There is also Chief Sunday Dare. Though he is the youngest of them all but going by the present political formation, he is the highest public office holder from Oyo State. Sunday Dare, the Minister of Sports and Youth Development, also hails from Ogbomoso. He is adequately equipped in both academic qualifications and exposure. His connections also cut across the old and younger generation. In fact, he has all it takes to lead the party but experience. Some see him as a new entrant in Oyo politics and still have to study the political terrain.


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