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PawaPlus Unveils Comic Act, Agbawire As First Brand Ambassador

New and easy to use mobile app brand, PawaPlus has unveiled comic act and Instagram celebrity, Olumide Jibowu popularly known as Agbawire as its first brand ambassador.

Agbawire was unveiled on Wednesday, February 16 2022 during the unveiling of the company’s logo in Lagos.

At the event, the comedian who is very popular on Instagram for his hilarious skits expressed gratitude to the brand for believing in him and promised to use everything in his power to take the brand to greater heights.

Although details of the contract were not revealed to pressmen, Agbawire expressed satisfaction for the opportunity to represent a brand of such magnitude and potential and vowed to remain loyal to PawaPlus.

While speaking with the PawaPlus CEO, Mrs Aderemi Apatira about the choice of Agbawire as the brand’s first ambassador, she revealed that one of the focuses of PawaPlus is to empower aspiring youths and that was why it opted for Agbawaya.

She further revealed that some more prominent entertainers would soon join the PawaPlus family but as of now, the brand believes in the comedian’s ability to deliver, having proven that with many of his waves-making skits on Instagram.

About PawaPlus Mobile App

PawaPlus is an easy-to-use app designed to allow you manage your energy consumption and finance efficiently. It enables both prepaid and postpaid electrical power consumers to buy tokens as well as settle their power bills from the comfort of their mobile phones.

It also enables all cooking gas consumers purchase their cooking gas without stepping out of their homes. All you need do is place an order from PawaPlus and you are good to go.

Have you heard about our UPNEPA feature in the app? It enables you know or determine if there is power supply in your house from any location. With this, you can plan your movements away from home.

PawaPlus also brings you up-to-date energy news from across Nigeria with our PawaNews feature. These and many more are what you stand to enjoy when you download our app.

Because we know that people can be financially stranded and still be in need of energy supplies at times, our PawaLoan feature enables you to take short-term loans for your energy consumption and payback with little or no interest on your next recharge. All the energy finance functions are backed by a wallet that will become active within the next three months.

And there's also PawaCard feature in the app too that people are already opting for.

PawaCard is a pre-paid energy card that can be used to buy only energy at any fuelling station nationwide, be it petrol, diesel or even gas. PawaLoan is only available to PawaCard subscribers.

We also have the PawaReport section in the app. This enables you to report your current power challenges enhancing swift response from your electric distribution company across the nation.

We know that you may be conscious of cyber fraud, PawaPlus is fully protected by the best mobile security that you can have, therefore, it is theft and fraud-free.

Our tagline is “everything Energy”

And as a brand, we are visionary, relevant, bold, warm and trendy.

Purpose, Vision and Mission Statement

As a corporate organization, our overarching purpose is to create solutions that optimize customers’ experience at all times

Our vision for PawaPlus is to foster optimization of access to and finance of energy in every form

While our mission is to deliver valuable tech solutions for energy finance that are easy to access and produce optimum results.

How Can I Get PawaPlus?

The PawaPlus is available for download on Playstore for android users and applestore for all Apple devices.

Brand Voice of PawaPlus                                  

The brand purpose of PawaPlus is to deliver valuable energy fintech solutions that are easy to access, use and produce optimum results and benefits.

As a brand, we are helpful, caring and friendly. We are easy to access and use. With us, you get quick results, optimum benefits as well as delightfully trendy solutions.


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