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Why Ladies Now Go For Padded Hips, Bumbum & Boobs

Currently in vogue now is the sexy figure 8 shape many Lagos big babes crave for. Many of them have resorted to an easier way of achieving this shape.

Gone are those days when many of them never cared about their shapes but now, they are doing all they can to get such shape and also to draw attention to themselves. We noticed that barely will you attend an Owambe party these days that you won’t see over 90 percent of women rocking the figure 8 shape. That is not the shape of all of them. Many of them have resorted to the use of padded hips, bumbum and boobs to achieve this look and they are unapologetic about it.

While some are working out through exercise to get a perfect shape, especially an hourglass shape and also going under the knife for such surgery, many have resorted to the use of these artificial padded hips and bums due to the side effects of surgery and how pricy it is, hence the embracement of these padded hips, butts and boobs in order to give them the figure 8 shape they desire.

If you originally don’t have hips or bumbum, you can buy all these wears in different sizes according to the way you want to look.

The quest for looking good has been on for a long and women have tried to impress others with their attractiveness and have gone to great lengths, at times, to get noticed. Many big babes you see around have devised this means to increase their overall beauty.

It is the latest beauty device that has caught the attention of women all over the world, they have been using them and touting its ability to make a woman more attractive. It gives the perfect shape of an hourglass, then for boobs, there is a style of corset wear that pushes up the boobs and makes it look as if it is big, even those that have big boobs are not left out because they want it to pop out from the dresses they wear. It has now become a norm that many sew all these types of styles that will expose their cleavage with the help of this corset wear.

It works to minimize the tummy and give a good front silhouette, enhancing hip abundance and as well shows a beautiful buttock curve. They are highly elastic, seamless in design and easy to wear. Though some might be uncomfortable for a while the more you wear them, the more you get used to all these shape wears.

These padded seamless control panties are designed originally for women with flat hips, small hips, small bum and no hips, but now even those that have still use them to enhance their body and more.

They are simply called body enhancers. They are undergarments such as padded braziers, butt boosters, hip enhancers, waist cinchers and others worn by women.

This has gradually become a trend among Lagos big babes that there is no one who does not have these shape wears. Why are women crazy about these shapes- wears? Some wear it to boost their self-confidence, some wear it to add to their sexual appeal, and some wear it just to go and make a statement wherever they go. In fact, it has gotten to the extent that some designers attach it to the fabrics given to them. So naturally, the outfits come along with these enhancers.

In short, it makes women more attractive and adds to their confidence. For a new user, Hip and buttock padding is used to increase the apparent size of the hips and buttocks in order to increase the apparent waist-hip ratio which implies a more feminine body shape. It is used by both sexes: women wishing to increase their physical attractiveness,

These garments can be broadly classed as pre-made, made-to-measure, and homemade.

Padded underwear with pockets into which sections of padding can be inserted is marketed by companies. At least, one company specialises in manufacturing custom made garments specifically designed using the purchaser’s measurements. These garments are more expensive than pre-made or homemade garments but are generally well-made.

This shape wears give, the much-desired hourglass shape that women love and men drool over. Alongside this, some padded hips or butts, come with a waist trainer, a shaping garment similar to a girdle. The waist trainer pulls a person’s midsection in as tight as possible. The idea behind a waist trainer is that the pulling action gives the person a sleeker, smaller waist and big bum bum. The main supposed benefit of a waist trainer is that wearing it is a fast and easy way to get an hourglass figure.

Many online sellers have been cashing out on this new trend as many celebrities have been patronizing them. An average of the padded hips goes for about N20k. The butt and boobs are also about the same range. Many of these celebrities have also become brand influencers for all the beauty companies so they advertise all these shapes on their social media pages. It has now been embraced by many babes as an easy way to flaunt their sexy shape in order to look good.


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