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How The 3 ELETU-ODIBO Brothers Play BIG In LAGOS Real Estate Biz

This is the story of 3 Eletu-Odibo billionaire brothers who own Osapa London, Lekki, Lagos.

These 3 brothers are Alhaji Mudashiru Eletu-Odibo, Oba Elect Ademola Eletu-Odibo and Prince Kazeem Eletu-Odibo.

The 3 brothers are one of the richest brothers in Lagos. They live like kings in Osapa London where they reside.

Osaka London is a community opposite Jakande Estate, Lekki Lagos. The community was founded by High Chief Bamidele Gbadamosi Eletu Odibo, many years ago. This community was christened Osapa Villageany years ago, due to the development of the community and transformation, its name changes to Osapa London.

Presently, Osapa London is the home of Lagos big boys and babes. This week, InfoOnlineNews will be spotlighting 3 Eletu-Odibo brothers who are playing big in the property sector.

The first name is Prince Kazeem Eletu-Odibo, the CEO, Royal Kazeem Properties. That’s the real estate firm he founded many years ago when he started his real estate business. He started selling when Osapa London was reclaimed through a court injunction many years back. He sold many properties to many of his UK friends at very cheap prices.

Let’s tell you that, Prince Kazeem is one of the latest Rolls Royce owners in Lagos. He is a big fan of exotic cars. He has them “aplenty”. Talk of Lincoln Navigator, Lexus Jeep, latest Mercedes-Benz, etc. You can’t enter his garage and not be baffled when you see some of his latest cars.

Let’s tell you that he has built and developed massively in Osapa in recent years.

Although he happens to be the youngest among them but he’s the most popular and he’s the face of the area. He’s been able to attract both foreign and local investors into Osapa, especially when the reclamation of their new began.

This young but innovative man is currently building another mouth-watering hotel in Osapa London that will wow people visiting the area. Just 2 weeks back he gifted a newly built mansion to his mother in Osapa London.

He’s been described as one of the biggest philanthropists who helps without ulterior motives. He’s just 45 but thousands of people have risen under him.

What about his brother, Demola Eletu-Odibo who is Oba elect of Onitele of Itele Kingdom?

He’s one of the popular faces of Eletu-Odibos and also a top Lagos socialite.

Just like his brother, Kazeem, he is also playing big in real estate. How? In Osapa London, he owns a large part where he sold some expanse of land and also built on another allotted land. These 3 brothers roll in big cars. Let us also tell you he owns some of the latest exotic cars you can find around.

This top Lagos socialite will soon become one of the lucky few. In a matter of time, he will be crowned as the next king of Itele, a rural kingdom that borders Lagos and Ogun States.

He qualifies for this role from his mother's side, our insider reveals.

Talk of one big spender in Lagos who cruises around Lagos in his Rolls Royce car is this man called Prince Demola. We can also tell you that he and Prince Kazeem built the side of their houses by side on Eletu-Odibo avenue, Osapa London.

Currently, they are sand filling another expanse of land where hundreds of people can buy houses. And this will make them the biggest landowners in Lagos when completed.

Their 3rd brother is Alhaji Mudashiru Eletu-Odibo who is a lover of peace. He’s also one of the biggest property players in the Osapa axis. He builds and sells houses. Being the eldest he has more access to many landed properties in the area.

Let us tell you a little more about Osapa London.

The newly Osapa reclamation is beginning to attract investors.

Osapa is located along the Lekki-Epe Expressway between the 5th & 6th roundabouts. It is about 15 minutes drive to Victoria Island and about 35 minutes during the rush hour period. Osapa is unfortunately one of the unplanned parts of Lagos where some people have just obtained lands and built structures without due protocols observed. There is no central management authority in Osapa except in the estates that have restricted entry.

Osapa has several entrances and exits, some streets have good interlocked roads while others are bad with potholes in them. Residents usually join resources to interlock their roads. There are drainage channels on both sides of most roads in Osapa while some streets don’t have drainage, which makes Osapa flooded during the rainy season; this is caused by clogged gutters and those roads without drainage channels.

Property in Osapa appreciates rapidly mainly because of its distance to V.I. Another reason property appreciates quickly is because; developers of estates in the area do a lot of work on proper infrastructure and maintenance.

Presently, a plot of land In Osapa London is around #85 million and above.


- Isaac Abimbade

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