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It’s no more news that star actress, Funke Akindele and Iyabo Ojo had a rift and don’t talk to each other for months. For many who don’t know much about their relationship, they use to be very close and even stayed in the same apartment at the early stage of their career, featured each other in movies.

The TikTok queen Iyabo Ojo even played a role in Funke Akindele’s movie “Jenifa” before she turned it into a series.

Though, many couldn’t say specifically what caused their rift initially, as it was not really pronounced until last year when Toyin Abraham’s movie Ghost and the Tout was released and a movie critic "Cinemapointer" on IG, shared their view on the movie.

According to the critic the movie Ghost and the Tout’s writer did not consider engaging intelligent people while writing the script speaking further, the critic alleged that Toyin’s movie is a copied version of Funke’s Omo Ghetto the Saga. The critic also went ahead to promote Funke’s movie "Omo Ghetto the saga" urging readers to pick Funke’s movie which was on NETFLIX over Toyin’s movie showing at the cinemas nationwide.

This Got Iyabo Ojo angry who replied to the critic and Funke Akindele in a lengthy statement. According to her “how much did Funke pay you to write this rubbish, the day she begins to find ways not to talk bad about her fellow colleagues or try to discredit their hardwork or personality, that day, she will begin to experience inner peace. Na social media you go dey from a better person. I know you and you know me, we know ourselves well and you cinema pointer go back and tell your sender that no matter how many times, you try to pull Toyin down or discredit her work.

It won’t work, Toyin’s hardwork and movie The Ghost and the Tout too will make box office..............”

A few weeks after this, an IG gossip blogger also revealed that the actresses are at loggerheads and reacting to the report, star actress, Iyabo Ojo claimed that Funke Akindele constantly stabbed her back despite helping her when she was in need. According to her “I heard one gossip guy said someone I once helped both in and out of this industry but found great joy in constantly stabbing me at my back, tried all her best to destroy me is above me. See boy you know nothing, you don’t know our story, so I don’t blame you.

Take note, no human is above me or beneath me because in God’s eyes we are all equal. I don’t pretend nor do I package anything for no one I fear no one but have got great respect for those who respect themselves, I am damn too real and blunt.

I have no reason to hate on no one because I am beyond blessed and I am so contented with the little I have, mind you there are some people I can’t stand too, so it is okay if you hate on me or can’t stand me too.

But when you f*ck with me, I will f*ck you right back either in the closet or in the open, if we are cool then I will be cool with you too that is how I roll...

I was born rich, married poor and now I am back to my root...born rich I am staying rich forever pulling my next generation along.......

My riches are not just material things but in all the lives I have once helped and supported and still supporting..................

If you want to form class or disassociate yourself from certain people, make sure you also learn not to invite them to your.....don’t try to bring people together only when you need them. They shun them or dump them when they need you too. That is not class, that is bullshit.

All this seems to be history now as AMVCA tried to settle the rift between the two superstars.

During the AMVCA, The Real House Wives of Lagos Reality Show Star, Iyabo Ojo was asked to present an award to Funke Akindele they both hugged and Iyabo Ojo congratulated her, but she didn’t stop at that, she also went to her page to congratulate Funke specially and in her post on IG, she stated clearly that presenting the award to Funke Akindele was the best part of the night for her. And celebrities took turns to show love in comment session to celebrate them.

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