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The Dirty Things LAGOS Bigs Babes Do In DUBAI To Make Huge Money

The last few weeks have been filled with terrible news on social media. From girls sleeping with dogs to ladies performing money rituals and many more, the news has been horrible. However, more worrisome is the news that emanated from Dubai. It talks about the many dirty things Lagos big babes now do to make huge money in Dubai.

There’s no doubt that the craze for trendy fashion, cars and luxurious items could drive people to do many things but the question is “is there a limit to how far big babes can go to pursue money?" Before you answer this question, let’s gist you about a trend in Dubai.

It is a sure way of making huge money by big babes across the world and Nigerian girls are very much involved. There’s a party in Dubai known as the ‘Dubai Porta Potty’, it is an avenue where the most beautiful girls in the world particularly Lagos meet the richest men in Dubai and other top cities for fun. However, this is beyond fun because it highly depraves humanity and furthermore causes more harm than good for the women involved.



Many people woke up to the long weekend with an unusual topic trending on Twitter. Those brave enough to click on the various links to Dubai Porta Potty instantly regretted their decision. TikTok content creator @ebrahim_ka explained the trend to hit one million followers. “Supposedly Instagram models and other female influencers are receiving messages from wealthy Arab men, offering them up to $1m for the opportunity of defecating on their faces.”

It’s about shitting on faces. The mouth is the porta-potty. That is all. Unsurprisingly, lots of people know this, they understand this, and yet they are still searching for it, before posting it on TikToks telling people not to watch one video in particular.

City People gathered that when most beautiful ladies plan their trips to Dubai between Jan 3rd and 27th, those around them should be on the lookout because they are most likely going for the Dubai Porta Potty trend. As a matter of fact, there’s a recruiting firm on Instagram where most of these ladies are linked up with their prospective Arabian billionaire who would be responsible for their ticket, hotel and all other logistics needed to bring them to Dubai.



Tiktoker @ebrahim_ka goes on to explain why the heightened conversation around this trend could be leading to people developing racist assumptions about Arab men. He quotes one influencer as saying: “All rich men in Dubai fly girls out to do this. They are disgusting. All of them have the same fetish.”

He thinks that those who make these kinds of statements are racist. “You are generalising every Arab man in Dubai.” Without going into too much detail, the disgusting viral trend refers to a phenomenon where female influencers and Instagram models receive messages from wealthy men in Dubai who want to pay them thousands of dollars to defecate on their faces. This is according to various media reports.

In his TikTok post, @ebrahim_ka quoted an Instagram model: “All rich men in Dubai fly girls out to do this. They are disgusting. All of them have the same fetish. “What shocks me the most is that people of Dubai are not keeping up with these trending videos, and they never heard of such a thing,” he said.

@ebrahim_ka went on to explain that he is from Dubai and classifies himself as a “financially built man in Dubai”. He also noted that the fetish was not common among Arab men. “I for one do not enjoy defecating on other people’s faces,” he said.

According to Distractify, it’s not clear how the trend started, but it isn’t a new phenomenon. “Kinks having to do with bodily fluids have been around for years and have their own communities in BDSM-type spaces,” wrote Distractify’s Kori Williams. “While it’s unclear how Arab men specifically became attached to this trend, no particular kink or fetish is exclusive to one racial or gender demographic,” added Williams.

A blogger who goes by the name Kaisar runs The Hidden Dominion, a website that documents the “slow, painful downfall of Western society”.

In his latest blog, he spoke about Dubai Porta-Potties and noted that the trend not only uncovered the depravity of society but also how far these so-called “slay queens” would go to fulfil odd sexual fetishes for rich tycoons in exchange for money. Kaisar mentioned Kaisar TagTheSponser, a website that’s active in exposing this type of behaviour.



“The most common misconception is that the site admins contact the ‘models’. Our original fans know that this is not how it works. We receive stories from a handful of fans that get solicited by Instagram models. They then submit the screenshots,” the website noted.



It was also gathered that girls allow camels to make love to them while their millionaire Dubai Princes watch to satisfy their sexual lusts. When City People spoke with a young lady who has firsthand information, she revealed that some girls were required to sleep with minors as young as 13 years and sometimes the entire family.



On leaving Dubai to return to Nigeria, these babes rake in as much as $50,000 per night. That is about N20 million. You could imagine how big such babes become having done this for about a month. This has been a continuous trend, especially for big babes who reside in big mansions in Lekki without a traceable job.

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