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Why I Am Running For Governorship In OSUN – Dr AKIN OGUNBIYI

My mission and vision are to give leadership that creates transformational value. I have a vision for a better, newer, modern and industrialised Osun State; a vision to offer leadership that creates transformational value; this is achievable, and efforts must be put in place to bring it to reality.”

In my manifesto which is more than a mere document but is a contract, my contract with the great people of Osun State, I have listed 25 areas that I want to look into. They are viable and feasible and do not require too much. If given the opportunity, I will make value creation my commitment; even from little things, our people will see value; people will see results and performance.

And, I will begin from day one, once I am sworn in as Governor of Osun State, come November 26, 2022.

When I come in as governor, you (my people) will see something different in creative leadership. I am not going in because of just the love and perks of the office. No! The money mongers are all over the place competing. That is why you will find a secondary school dropout wanting to be governor! For me, it is about service. It is about leadership. It is about harnessing the various skills and competencies of our people. We will join hands with our citizens to build an enviable Osun of our dream.

For me, therefore, and as it has always been with me, it will value creation and value delivery across all the spheres of our lives as a state.

For me, it is about the Osun people. It is about empowerment; it is about the citizenry enjoying the basic things of life for free.

My motivation for wanting to run is actually to give service. If you look at all that is going on, you will see that I am better placed to give leadership to my state and its people. If you look at my background, I have retired from business but I have lots of training and experience that I have acquired all of which I can use for Osun State.

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