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Why Many Ladies Are Now Going Into Money Rituals

It is no more news that money ritual is on the increase in Nigeria. A lot of youths now see it, as the fastest means of making quick money in Nigeria, and there is no effort by any government agencies to checkmate the trend.

There is a drastic increase in cases of missing people almost on a daily basis and they often end up being used for rituals there is no solution to this trending issue. Murdering people to appease the deities appears to be on the increase. A few years back, a lot of youths got involved in Yahoo, scamming foreigners to make huge money, in order to get their ‘magas’ as they are popularly called, to pay money, they started getting herbalists involved. They help them with jazz so they can get positive and quick results, and this is when blood rituals come in, where they have to kill to appease the gods to grant them their wish.

Though some of these stone-hearted guys go straight for the money ritual proper, which also involves killing a fellow human being and using the vital parts for money rituals. And most times, they use their girlfriends and girls they pick on the street for one night stands.

It was revealed later, that a lot of young girls are currently into the money ritual thing themselves. Some of these ladies, with time, have learnt a lot from their Yahoo boyfriends, they have learned and mastered the act of scamming foreigners on their own to make their own personal money.

Some of these ladies also have started getting involved in real money rituals. A lot of them are usually seen at the beachside performing one sacrifice or the other as instructed by their spiritual fathers and mothers. Though the issue of killing a fellow human has not been linked with ladies lately, but with the rate at which they are going and if the issue of this ritual killing is not checked quickly by the authorities, then it will also be a big problem very soon.

Many people can’t help but ask why are young ladies going into money rituals lately, instead of the normal way of just depending on their partners to take care of their needs, the way it was a few years ago? or better still, depending on their sugar daddies for survival?

These ladies want to be financially independent.

These young ladies believe. it's sweeter to call the shot than to take orders from anyone. They believe it is better to have the money personally and spend the way you deem fit than depend on a man or parents for peanuts. They want to ride exotic cars and live flamboyantly without depending on anybody.

And with their money, they can even date any guy they desire, since they do the spending.

Society as a whole has failed these young ladies.

It is so sad that young graduates lately can’t even get a job after years of suffering at the university. It is even worse when you don’t know anybody at the helms of affairs to help out. A lot of young ladies need to sleep their way through to get jobs now.

A lot of them believe, if there is an alternative option to make money instead of going through all these troubles, then why not. And it is so sad, that society doesn't celebrate hardwork anymore but rather they celebrate success and nobody is interested in how you made the success, so hardwork is not valued anymore.

Social media has contributed both negatively and positively to the lives of people. Many believe a lot of things they see on social media. Once they see a girl of 20 with so much acquired wealth without knowing the source, they want the same for themselves by all means. At that particular time, tell them to bring their mother’s head for ritual, and they will gladly do it without thinking it through. The only thing on their mind is, “If that little girl can have so much money, then why can’t I?

So the race to become the big babe on social media begins. They want to become celebrities overnight and mingle with the big babes in society.

Peer pressure is another reason, the rate at which young girls in their 20s and 30s live large on the Island is something else.

They rent houses worth millions and ride in flashy and exotic cars without parents or guardians to question their sudden wealth.

Once these young girls with their families living in other states start sharing apartments with their friends, the only thing on their minds is to make it big at all costs too.

And they get groomed into doing all sorts, with this, money rituals will just be a normal thing for them, since, they don’t even have anybody to question or monitor their activities.

Most times, their entire family back home depends on them for survival. They are the breadwinners of the family at a very tender age, so who will question their sudden wealth?

The idea of what a man can do, and a woman can do better is also a factor. The times they spent with their Yahoo boyfriends have made them fearless. While they lived together, they learnt lots of things and now put them into practice, when they start living alone, like the act of being mean and swindling people without even considering the effects of their actions.

It is no more news that a lot of these Yahoo Boys now use their girlfriends for rituals. So instead of sticking with a boy, they are not sure of his plan for them, they will rather leave, and make their own money themselves. At least they have all it takes to make the money themselves.

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