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Why More & More Young Girls Are Sleeping With Dogs

The trending act of making fast and very quick money among young ladies lately is by sleeping with dogs. The drastic increase in this act is becoming very worrisome and many have concluded that indeed the world is coming to an end.

The act of humans engaging in sexual intercourse with animals is regarded as bestiality, and the attraction to animals is called Zoophilia.

It is believed that most ladies who indulge in this act to make money don’t have bad parents but a rather low self-esteem, greed and peer pressure. A lot of these young ladies don’t even consider the health risks of indulging in this act. Ideally, dogs are kept as friendly pets. They share the human environment and enjoy the unique opportunity of relating with society.

Ladies who sleep with dogs are at the risk of contacting the following:

Rabies is a viral disease from dogs that is fatal in humans. It is transmitted from the saliva of dogs and immediately after the symptoms set in, the human has little chance of survival, if not treated.

Injury, the reproductive organs of these animals are not made to fit into that of a woman or man and cause a lot of injuries. Some men have had ruptured rectum from sex with pigs. The reproductive organ of an aroused dog is like a light bulb, and that would injure a vagina.

Echinococcosis is a parasitic tapeworm found in the faeces of dogs. This disease is asymptomatic and would not manifest until after a few years. These worms would cause cysts to develop in the kidneys, heart, spleens and brains of the person so affected and if not treated, it can lead to death.

Allergic Reaction, receiving the semen of a dog can trigger allergic reactions because it is a foreign substance the body tries to expel.

Leptospirosis, this disease is gotten from the urine of animals like dogs, when it is in the human system, it can lead to meningitis and it is deadly.

A lot of ladies who don’t believe there is any risk attached to sleeping with dogs, do it willingly for these reasons. They sleep with dogs for monetary gains. The major reason 80% of young ladies sleep with dogs, most especially in Nigeria, is for monetary gain. They get paid as high as 1.5 to 2 million for doing this crazy act.

It was revealed that most of these ladies are not always told from the beginning that they are going to sleep with dogs. Their clients just pimp them for rich guys, as usual, but most often, the story changes, when they get there, especially because of the amount of money involved.

Most times, they get paid 100k to 200k for sleeping with a man but when they get offers of 1.5 to 2 million to sleep with dogs, they gladly jump at it. Often, these men are foreigners, and the ladies do it without even thinking it through at all.

Another reason is just to experiment, a lot of crazy ladies, especially the ones, who take drugs, are always eager to try something new and different. Most especially when something is trending, they are eager and curious to learn and try things out personally. Though, this particular point is more common among foreigners.

It was also revealed that a lot of ladies believe dogs are more loyal and trustworthy compared to men. Besides, they are always available to satisfy their crazy urge, so they indulge their pet at home.

They also believe these dogs are more reliable and they can’t suffer any heartbreak with them as their sex partners. This sounds very crazy but that is what they believe.

Another reason why ladies sleep with dogs is safety from pregnancy. Humans and animals are of different species and so cannot interbreed and unprotected sex cannot result in any form of pregnancy, so to them, by sleeping with dogs, they don’t need to bother their heads about unwanted pregnancy, and the dogs are just always available to satisfy their sexual urge.

Another factor we can’t rule out is peer pressure and bad company. A lot of these young ladies, most especially in Nigeria, are from good homes, but along the line, they keep bad companies with corrupt girls who indulge in lots of negative and dangerous acts, and in the process of living up to expectations and living the big girl lifestyle, they indulge in lots of dangerous things with their friends, not even considering the consequences of their actions. A lot of young girls in their 20s and below live luxurious lifestyles in Lekki with friends and many don’t know the source of their wealth. These girls will do absolutely anything to make money and keep living the fake celebrity lifestyle they have been accustomed to..

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