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How I Got The Odogwu Bitters Deal - Music Star, PORTABLE

•How OLAMIDE Discovered Him

+How His Song ZAZUU Shot Him To Limelight

How has your career been?

I thank God for life, like I always say, I  believe in God, my phone and subscription, any dissapointment is a blessing. I’m not a yahoo boy, I’m a Musician. I do music for a living, I still go by the name Portable, the son of Olalomi, I’m a Yoruba guy, Wahala Musician/Bata Yahoo (laughs). That’s just an introduction.

How did music start for you?

I started at a tender age. I was moving from one place to another, from one street to another. They did not want to allow us on time, that is why we have to come in with full force, even though I know where I’m going.

But how did the journey start for you?

It’s just a gift from God, apart from the fact that I love music. I also discovered as a small boy, I will just sing and it will make sense.

I was thinking probably you came from a family that does music?

No, I’m the only musician in my family. Nobody even supported me to this level, no family, no friend, no wife, nobody. It’s just God. I believe in God so much. I begged God and He answered me. I started doing jingles for people and they loved it. It’s just the grace of God.

Where did you start your music career?

I started my music career in Abuja because my father is based in Abuja. But things were not easy there. I noticed it will take a while before I blow, then I ran to l.agos.

So what happened when you got to Lagos?

The story changed, even though I was rrpped severally. Promoter ripped me, DJ ripped me, MC ripped me, everybody, but when God’s time came, everything changed.

What has been your experience so far?

What I would say to everyone reading this is to always believe in God and believe in themselves. Don’t let them deceive you that they will package you. Use your own money to package yourself no matter how little or where you are starting from. Don’t let them deceive you that you cannot make it in life. Don’t let them hide you, come out, let people recognise you. When some musicians blow, people start listening to their songs but they don’t know them. People know me, they know my name, they know my face. If I’m passing, people run after me, even they always break my motor (laughs) but everything is still grace. Some Musicians will pass you by, you won’t know. Bouncers will even bounce him, not knowing that he’s a Super Star. God blessed us more than each other but Grace is still at work.

Let’s talk about ZEH Nation?

Zeh Nation is just an inspiration just like I don’t know my real self and how God brought me this far. So, we just brought ourselves together. We have lots of artistes here, lots of DJs, lots of Comedians. We just came together to assist each other. Once you have talent, come to Zeh Nation.

How did Olamide come into the system?

Olamide is a great guy, anyday anytime. He showed me love. People should help me thank him. I would have been ripped if not for him. He assisted me a lot.

How did you guys meet?

There is an organisation we call “Kolo Music” These are the people that assisted me. It was Olamide I featured normally before Pocolee also featured, even though he wanted to rip me before I shouted and he calmed down. Olamide was the one that settled the case then. Kogbagidi is my boss. He always gives everybody; Me, Olamide, and Pocolee our percentage, but Olamide always gave me back his own share on “Zazuu”. Olamide is a father and a great mentor.

Who connected you and Kogbagidi?

Nobody. We met online. Though I’ve messaged them severally but they did not reply. I sent a message to Kogbagidi 3 years ago, he didn’t reply until he started seeing our songs online, and he now sent me messages. There is a guy I always hail, and also bears Kogbagidi. So, Kogbagidi, the promoter now thought he was the one I was hailing and he sent a message. And he really showed me, love, before God and man. What I detest is ripping.

What about Zazuu, how did you come about it?

Zazuu is just a street slang to ginger people. And it’s a moving train. It’s a virus.

How do you see the turnout?

Zazuu is not a song per se, it’s just a free style and God really blessed me with it. The experience has been so great. I’m also an expensive guy. I like money, money is my friend. I always think about how to make money, when I wake up, I think of money. People give me money just the way I give people too...

Where are you from?

I’m from Kajola, Abeokuta, Ogun State. I’m also part of Awori. I went to Iganmode for my Secondary School and Kwara Polytechnic.

Let's talk about your endorsements?

I have signed so many endorsements with different organisations. But the greatest of all is with Odogwu, Obi Cubana’s product. We signed the deal and he gave me N50 million. I’ve had several endorsements. Siyimoto, JPlug and many other companies. I’m only expecting endorsements from Glo, MTN, and Airtel now (laughs).

How did you get Odogwu’s endorsement?

It’s grace. I learnt he has even messaged me a long time ago, like 3 months back, but I didn’t know because it was on request on Instagram. So, I was in Benin and that person just touched my head, I looked at the person and he signalled to me that Obi Cubana is greeting me. The first gift he gave me was N400k. That was how we connected. So, it’s the grace of God.

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