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2023 Presidential Elections Is Between Obi & Atiku – Primate AYODELE Drops Shocker!

The Spiritual leader and Founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Ayodele Elijah, has dropped a new bombshell. The man of God, in his characteristic fearless manner just a few days ago, has revealed that contrary to the expectations of many, the 2023 presidential elections will not be a straight battle between APC flag bearer, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his PDP counterpart, Atiku Abubakar, instead, it will be between Peter Obi of the Labour Party and Atiku. 

Hear the revered man of God: “Tinubu can only win the presidential election through the rigging. And even if he goes on to win the election, the cabal will terminate his life. That is why they want him there at all cost, so they can terminate his tenure and install a northerner, possibly his VP, as president. And if you ask me, all of these people parading themselves as presidential hopefuls, how many of them are ready to undertake the restructuring of this country? But it will shock Nigerians to know that the contest is not between Atiku and Tinubu, it is actually going to be between Obi and Atiku. The international community will throw their weight behind Obi while the northerners will support Atiku to make sure he wins this election. Tinubu is not in their plans. The core northerners don’t want Tinubu at all but Atiku can only win through strategising and total reconciliation. Obi will make waves if he takes every needful step. But the fact remains that if APC wins the presidential elections, Nigeria will not move forward. Nigeria will be stagnant. APC’s time is over, same with PDP. Nigerians are tired of both parties, they don’t want them again.”

“On the country’s fast dwindling economy, the man of God prophesied: “If the economy does not improve and the government fails to come up with a solution, there will be protests, a big one, like what I prophesied in Sri Lanka. The people will rise up against the government. Truth is, whether we like it or not, without restructuring, Nigeria will still remain the same country or even grow worse than it is already. And we will continue to suffer. Without restructuring, our economic problems, climatic problems, joblessness, future of the youths, everything will remain the same or become worse.”

“Nigeria’s economy has collapsed. The country will only continue to borrow and borrow and borrow. Four to five years from now, Nigeria will remain unstable. It will be a miracle if Nigeria exceeds 2035. Only God will help us. Already I can see youths coming out to protest en masse. The country will experience a serious uprising and the youths will rise up against the government.

Many think that President Buhari may not relinquish power next year and could site insecurity and unrest as reasons, what do you think?

The truth of the matter is that Buhari is tired, he wants to leave Aso Rock and rest. Meanwhile, terrorism is growing every day and our service chiefs do not know what to do because they too are very corrupt.

But the expectation is that once a Yoruba man like Tinubu comes in, insecurity and terrorism will cease, do you agree?

Number one, it is not the turn of South West, it is the turn of South East. Secondly, terrorism will not cease under Tinubu, there is nothing he can do to stop it.

So, you think that it is not the turn of the south-west but the turn of the south-east?

No, it’s not the turn of the southwest, it is the southeast’s turn. But the southeast people are their own biggest problem. Number one, they are not united and they lack confidence in themselves. 

Do you have anyone in mind from the southeast that you think would’ve fared better?

Well, it’s too late for that now, whoever I mention his name cannot change anything anymore. But like in Delta state now, if you give it to Sherriff, PDP will lose Delta state. If they are still bent on pushing Sheriff forward, then they should be ready to lose Delta state. And as for Wike, if he leaves PDP for APC, then he should take it that he has killed his political career. Like this Lagos4Lagos of the PDP coming out to contest against Sanwo-Olu, that is dead on arrival. For Ogun state, if truth be told, Dapo Abiodun has not done anything fantastic in Ogun state, he does not deserve a second term but he will still win the governorship election. And for Osun state, Oyetola’s victory is assured. The Osun PDP have never been serious about taking power from APC. Even the candidate is not serious. He is not an anointed candidate for the PDP. The general elections next year is still shaky because there will be serious problems security-wise. There will be bloodshed. We need prayers to revert a lot of negative things that are waiting to happen.

I remember you said last year that Nigeria will still break, do still hold on to that position?

Yes, of course, we will still go our separate ways. That’s why I said restructuring is the answer. Our economy has collapsed totally. I told you long ago that the price of diesel will go up. Diesel now sells for about N900 or more. And it won’t get any better. I have told you that petrol will go to N200, is that not what’s happening now? It will even go higher. We have not seen anything yet. APC and PDP have failed Nigerians, that’s why Nigerians don’t want the two parties again. Their time has ended, and their season is over. Another party will emerge, that is what the Lord said. I am also seeing five states coming out of Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Niger, Kano, Kaduna, and Sokoto.

As for sports, let me say it again, Amaju Pinnick is not the answer to Nigeria’s football. If Amaju goes for a third term, sports will die in Nigeria. The only person I see who can turn our football around is Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau, that’s the only one I can see for now. Let everyone listen to me, Nigeria’s sports needs prayers and focus, not somebody who does not understand the enormity of the position he is occupying and neither do he have the expertise to lead Nigeria’s football. Our failure in football will persist if Amaju continues to be at the helm of affairs and that’s the truth.

Your take on the new super eagle's coach, sir

We don’t have any new coach, the only problem we have in Nigeria’s football administration is Amaju Pinnick. Why did we fail to make it to the world cup? The reason is Amaju Pinnick. 

Let’s talk about your prophecies on the international scene

On the international scene, British former Finance Minister, Rishi Sunak, may emerge as Britain’s next Prime Minister. Our prophecies on the assassination of Japan's Prime Minister and the death of the Angolan president have all come to pass. Another president will still die and that’s Malaga's president. His time is up. Camerounian president, Cote D'Ivoire, Ghanaian and Benin Republic presidents, all of them need prayers for their health. As for the Benin Republic president, he will experience a serious uprising from his people. Trouble is coming in Benin. There will be a serious uprising that will shake his government. If he doesn’t release the political detainees in his government, that decision will work against him. He must act now before it’s too late. I’m seeing a coup in Africa. I am seeing an uprising removing a president in Africa. AU must pray so that there won’t be problems. ECOWAS too must pray. There will be too many problems of terrorism for them to handle.

“Things we have never experienced before will begin to happen in Africa. There will be a major crisis in Ghana. Let us pray not to lose a prominent politician in Ghana and a serving minister in Ghana’s government will resign. I’m seeing the death of a sitting president and a one-time president in Asia. Let’s pray against the assassination of a sitting president. The disease will also come from Ghana which will be killing people like Ebola. Let us pray that any United Nations secretary will not die and pray against attack on any United Nations official. “

About a week ago, the world-renowned and respected man of God released the 2022/2023 edition of his annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations on Saturday, 9th Of July 2022 and as usual, before the day ended, some prophecies have begun to come to pass. This is a sure sign that truly, Warnings To The Nation isn’t a product of human intelligence but divine signals.

At this very moment, Primate Ayodele is already being celebrated for prophesying the recent development in Sri Lanka where the citizens invaded their president’s office, ate his food, used his swimming pool, and slept in his room to demonstrate their rejection of his government. The president had since then announced that he will resign from the position of the country’s leader. Meanwhile, Primate Ayodele had prophesied on Page 80 of WTN that the president of Sri Lanka will be CHASED out of office and that he foresees a new government in the country.

In his words, Primate Ayodele said: ‘‘SRI LANKA: The spirit of God says the country will experience disorderliness. I foresee the government of the day will be chased out of office. I foresee the citizens will clamour for a new government. I foresee the Police and the citizens will clash as a result of protests against the government. The economy will not be stable as the cost of living will be so high‘’

‘’Of course, the country needs prayers not to collapse under the present government because the government will not understand how to stabilize the economy. I foresee the government will be troubleshooting various economic theories. The spirit of God says Sri Lanka will need the support of western countries to get out of the woods. I foresee the people will not want the present government anymore. The opposition forces will go against the President. The spirit of God says only God can help the President not to be removed unceremoniously. I foresee the value of the currency will be nothing to write home about. I am seeing a new leadership in the country. I foresee the efforts of the government will be sabotaged. The government must pray against bomb blasts and the negative effects of climatic troubles’’ These words can be found on page 88 of WTN 2022/2023 edition which was released two days ago.

Again, his prophecy of the Fire Outbreak in Bodija Market, Oyo state has also been fulfilled. A little over a week ago, there was massive destruction in Bodija Market, Oyo state when fire engulfed the popular market. The Oyo fire service has also revealed that stored kegs of petrol aided the fire incident that destroyed properties and goods worth millions of naira. Primate Ayodele on page 39 of WTN 2022/2023 edition revealed that he foresees a fire outbreak in Oyo markets, just as he warned, the prophecy has been fulfilled.

In the same vein, Primate Ayodele wrote on Ride-hailing service, Uber (this can be found on page 170), making it known that the company will run into problems in its operations. Fulfilling his prophecies, there was a crisis for the ride-hailing service days back when news broke out that the company lobbied politicians and broke laws in its operations.  



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