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FUNKE AKINDELE Set To Deliver 15 Million Votes For PDP In LAGOS

Movie industry bigwigs today can not be listed without the mention of Funke Akindele. Well, it was not always peaches and roses for her and she has paid her dues in the industry before attaining this level of success. Funke Akindele is currently breaking the glass ceiling in the industry with the many great feats she is attaining.

In the midst of all the drama that surrounded her marriage breakup, she has kept mute and moved on like nothing happened. The star actress has just been named by the Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the deputy governorship candidate in Lagos State for the 2023 election.

The actress, in a video on her Instagram page, announced that she is the running mate to the PDP governorship candidate in Lagos State, Olajide Adediran, known as Jandor. Following the confirmation of Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele as the People Democratic Party (PDP) deputy governorship candidate in Lagos State for the  2023 general election, some Nigerian celebrities have congratulated her and wished her well. Funke is set to put her career on hold and deliver her over 15 million followers to PDP in the next gubernatorial election. In her post, she affirmed,

“I am not unaware of the cost of this assignment on my vibrant career, which I must now necessarily put on hold. It’s a huge personal sacrifice. My resolve is that no sacrifice is too huge for the actualisation of the urgent mission to rescue our people and our dear state. I saw it as an opportunity to help liberate and improve the wellbeing of our people, particularly the deprived youth, women and the girl-child. My decision is not just to accept this huge responsibility but to also work tirelessly and complement Jandor’s burning desire to see our dear Lagos live up to its full potential.”

Another big feat of hers was also a few days back when the Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, invited the movie star to join The Academy class of 2022.

Celebrating the feat, the Omo Ghetto actress said, “Wow!!!! I’m so happy!!! Getting an invitation as a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences class of 2022 under the category of ACTORS is such a BIG DEAL.” Thank you #theacademy #realchiomaude I’m so honoured!!”.This invitation also came amidst her separation from her husband, Abdul Bello a.k.a JJC Skillz.

As Funke begins a new direction in life, testing the political water she is no doubt set to take the bull by the horn and harness all the strategies she has to win at the upcoming polls. She is well-loved by the young and old, she is highly celebrated, at home and abroad while many youths idolize her. She has provided jobs for many youths through her Scene One Production Film Company. She has equally made lots of upcoming youths in the industry famous by featuring them in her different series and feature movies. Besides this, she also runs a non-governmental organization known as the Jenifa Foundation which aims at providing young people with vocational skills. Besides being one of the most successful actresses in the entertainment industry, she is indeed the most followed Nigerian actress on Instagram, all this and more are no doubt, why the PDP Lagos State, governorship candidate, Dr Olajide Adediran considered her, the most suitable candidate for the deputy governorship slot. This is followed by a beautiful campaign picture which has already gone viral and all her fans have been supporting her new venture in politics.

Funke is big in terms of prominence, international recognition, acquisitions, and endorsement deals with several major awards in her kitty.

The top actress has been praised from time to time on social media for having a great range, especially when it comes to role interpretation. She has starred in movies acting as a tout, lover girl, student, and many more while delivering top-notch performances.

Just recently, she was named the most followed Nigerian actress on Instagram. This came after she hit 15 million followers on the photo-sharing site.

Funke’s popularity has witnessed a steady rise over the last two decades with a variety of characters that endeared many of her fans to her. She is one of the few Nigerian celebrities with a long list of brands as an ambassador. From Fast-moving consumer brands to telecom brands and real estate, many brands want a taste of Akindele-Bello’s magic wand. With over 15 million followers on social media cumulatively, the multi-award-winning actress also ranks as one of Nigeria’s highest-paid influencers.

From her early days in the late 90s to now, this fantastic filmmaker and actress has grown to become one of Nollywood’s emerging powerbrokers in the Nigerian film industry with loads of achievements to her name.

She is one of Africa’s finest and brightest actresses, who constantly tops the list of highest-paid Nollywood actresses. She is newsworthy at any time with her mind-blowing career.

These are some of the many things that will work for her. Also, she was not just picked as running mate to Mr Jide Adediran, the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, ‘PDP’, in Lagos State. He provided the reasons for picking Nollywood actress, Funke Akinfele as running mate.

Confirming her nomination, Adediran explained that he picked not just an actress, but a filmmaker and a lawyer, who has been creating jobs for Nigerian youths for many years now.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today, the Lagos PDP governorship flagbearer said, “My running mate, Funke Akindele, people call her an actress, but I’ll say I picked a lawyer who found love in filmmaking.”

“Beyond being an actress, she’s a filmmaker. Someone who has grown her business from zero to something…and has won massive followership in the process. An Ikorodu-born diva whom I believe is going to add value to my candidacy… some people are forgetting that the purpose upon which a political party is established is to win elections. “My running mate is a brand that connects the grassroot and many people in cyberspace.”

“So, a combination of that force already spells doom for the Lagos APC in 2023. In Lagos, what we have is an unusual situation and it requires an unusual solution. This is why we have presented to Lagosians a total departure from the norm. This is something fresh.”

Also, Funke Akindele stated her strategy for winning in her interview, When asked how she plans to defeat the ruling party in Lagos in an interview with Channels TV last Thursday, she said she has over 20m followers on social media who are ready to vote for her. She boasted that apart from her followers on social media, so many people love her at the grassroots level in Lagos State. Funke said: “I have the numbers, I have fans and followers and I’m true to myself.

“I have more than 20 million fans on social media and also at the grassroots level. “I have fans at the grassroots level outside Ikorodu ready to support me and I’m true to myself. What I’m coming in to do is to change the lives of Lagosians.”

“I’m here to provide solutions in Lagos. I’m in the system, I’m in the pain, we all know where the shoe pinches us.” Asked when she decided to join politics, Akindele said: “I became a member of the PDP about three months ago. The governorship candidate of our party, Olajide Adediran, approached me and I saw it as an opportunity to join him rescue the state from the state of infrastructural deficit. Although I have been managing people for over two decades, my interest to join politics in the state was ignited when Jandor, our governorship candidate, approached me to do it together with him. Immediately, I jumped at it.”Akindele, who said she was tired of complaining, said she is coming for the children, youths and women.

Asked about her plan to make an assured impact in Lagos, she said efforts were on to review the level of challenges in Lagos. This, according to her, will guide the party on how to go about their development plan. Asked about the party’s chances of winning the election in 2023, she said: “The governorship candidate and myself have our followers, both on the social media and at the grassroots.” She said she has been getting positive feedback and reception from the people since she declared her intention. She, however, admitted she has received a lot of backlash for joining the PDP. But she said since her intention is to win, she needed to ‘identify with a party with a structure and solid base, which is the PDP’.


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