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Popular Juju Maestro, Mega 99, Builds Luxury House

One of the Most sought-after Juju musicians, Abel Oluwafemi Dosunmu, popularly known as Mega 9'9 has just completed another beautiful house in Lagos. 

These are good times for popular juju musician, Mega 99, as he has just completed another multi-million naira mansion in one of the most popular housing estates in the Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos. We can confirm to you that the newly built home has all the basic features of a luxury house. 

From all the indications, this new mansion was tastefully erected to the taste of the Juju maestro and has basic facilities in place, as well. It is located in the heart of the Iyana Ipaja area, Lagos. The Juju maestro is set to have an all-in-one party on a yet-to-be-announced date when his colleagues will celebrate toe with him. 

This is coming a couple of years after he completed his first mansion in the Alakuko area in Lagos. Mega 9'9 has produced many LPs within the last 9 months, like Imisi, Gbasi Gbos, Shout Out, Owambe, Maleka To Lomi, Omo Cele Ni Mi, Temitope, and Olope to mention a few and they are all hit. All are available on Itunes and Boomplay. From the stable of City People Magazine, we say a big congratulation to this multi-talented music star

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