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Princess SIJUADE AKINWUNMI Celebrates @ 70

Sunday 26th June 2022 was a day of joy for celebrity woman, Princess Sijuade Akinwumi as she joins the class of Septuagenarians. She had her landmark 70th birthday in style. Princess Akinwumi is a well respect woman in society. She is a true believer of Christ and a proud member of the World Evangelical Bible International Church (WEBIC). She holds the position of assistant pastor in the church.

Her birthday party was celebrated in the presence of God as thanking service was held in her honour at the headquarters of the church in Ojota. She was privileged to celebrate her day on the day the church was having Convention for Men, a massive programme which saw the church filled to capacity with congregation amongst whom are members and guests.

The celebrant of the day was blessed by a man of God, Prophet Samson Ayorinde, the founder of WEBIC. Also, the guest Minister of the convention, the highly referred Archbishop Mike Odafe prayed for her at the event. The 2 men of God wished her more prosperous years to come.

The reception party was lit as it saw the celebrant, her children and their guests merry while they had fun. The Adufe Pacesetters Band sang to entertain guests and this added glamour to the occasion of the day.

What marvelled virtually most people at the event was how gracious and gifted Madam Akinwumi is. At 70 she still looks beautiful, radiant, strong, fit and agile and she does all her things with ease. It is important to state that she is a good dancer as she displayed lots of dance steps on the stage. All these testify to the glory of God in her life.

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