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ROK TV CEO, MARY NJOKU Opens Up On Her Marriage

Star actress cum CEO ROk TV, Mary Njoku and husband, Jason Njoku CEO Iroko TV have been happily married for 10 years and their union is blessed with adorable children.

Mary is one celebrity that has often spoken about her marriage and also shares her experience with fans whether good or bad, unlike many other celebrities who always paint this perfect marriage on social media and hide the dark side from fans and well-wishers.

This Nollywood power couple whose marriage clocked 10 years a few days ago, will be celebrating in grand style this time around.

According to the beautiful actress, to celebrate their 10 years together the couple will be renewing their marital vows in the Maldives.

Mary is one celebrity who always airs her views about the institution called Marriage. She always says it, as it is. She once warned the general public not to get involved in matters concerning marriage, if not called to intervene, adding that marriage can be so unpredictable.

“Marriage is very complicated and so unpredictable. One minute you want to take a bullet for your spouse, and the next minute you want to be the bullet.

If there is no cry for help or disguised sandal for help, no put mouth”.

During Yul Edochie’s second-wife saga, she also aired her views. According to her, she urged married men who are not satisfied with having one wife to have an open marriage, this will restore peace of mind as the women will also respectfully help themselves too.

“Dear married men, if your wife cannot satisfy your inner room needs, kindly open up on your marriage and with her blessing, you can have peace of mind to discreetly share your talent with the world.

“While she quietly and respectfully helps herself too, with your blessing of course. Being with one man for the rest of her life is boring too but she loves you too much to complain”.

“At all times, the couple has to work together. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you are in sync together, happy husband, happy wife, mentally healthy kids”.

Many in Mary Njoku’s shoes would have painted a perfect and all-rosy marriage life on social media to fans and well-wishers considering a lot of people believe everything they see on social media, but she decided not to do that, at least to encourage others, most especially many that admire her union and look up to her in the society.

A good number of ladies in the society believe, that it is only money that makes any marriage work, meaning that Mary Njoku’s marriage should be perfect, considering the fact that she is married to a billionaire and she is equally doing exceptionally well in the industry. She is rated one of the most successful actresses in the entertainment industry.

A few days ago, during an Instagram live on her account, the pretty actress had a lot to say about her 10 years of marriage, and how she has been able to sustain the marriage despite many challenges.

According to the mother of three, a union between partners must have ups and downs before it could be called marriage from the beginning.

“My marriage has not been perfect as there have been lots of instabilities and the only reason my marriage is still strong is because of the love my husband and I share.

So many people believe my marriage has been shaky due to some of the cryptic posts on social media."

"My marriage has been shaky from the onset and it would continue to be so for the next 50 years or more because any marriage that is not shaky is not real. You have to shake through it.

My 10 years of marriage have not been easy, it has not been a bed of roses. My friend Uche Ogbodo called and was like, when will you make noise, people need to know, honestly, I don’t even have nowhere to start making the noise from, if I want to talk about what I have been through the past 10 years and the journey.

If I tell you it has been rosy then I am lying. If I want to talk about the journey, what I have passed through and what I have achieved, I honestly don’t know where to start making the noise. The thing is not easy. Most of the people who make noise and paint their relationship as perfect on social media, I don’t understand how they do it, it is honestly not easy at all. Because this my own that seems perfect, is actually not, we just love our way through the challenges. We keep reminding ourselves of our love and why it has to stay.

Mary Njoku is married to Jason Njoku the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Iroko TV. Their marriage took place on the 18th of August 2012 in FESTAC Lagos and together, they are blessed with 3 beautiful children.

Mary on the other hand is one of the most successful actresses and producers in the industry. She is also the founder of ROK TV.



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