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Why Many People Don't Joke With Prophet TAIWO OJO

 •How Millions Watch Him Globally Online


This is the story of the popular Ibadan-based Prophet Taiwo Ojo who is making waves right now, globally. From the little Ministry he started in Ibadan several years ago, it has grown to become a big ministry that has gone global. Though he has his church which is called CAC Covenant of Mercy at Off Bishop Phillips Academy, in Ibadan, a lot of people follow him online from different parts of the world. He has a strong online presence. Prophet Abel Taiwo Ojo Live has a lot of followers on Facebook. Many of his followers are based in the UK, France, the US and various other countries of the world. He has been in France all through last week for his  72 hours Crusade. He just returned. He came back last Saturday.

And they follow him every day religiously. They have formed themselves into various groups and re-transmit his programmes. His videos are everywhere online. If you Google his name you will be hit by so many groups.

Of course, there are many of his followers who like to see him Live and direct and so they travel to Ibadan every week from wherever their base is, whenever he has programmes just to catch up with his preachings and prayers, especially his Tuesday service. Some refer to him as Asotele Woli (Prophetic Declaration) with Prophet Taiwo Ojo.

Those who follow him fall into 2 groups. Those who are members of his church and two, those who belong to other churches but who also follow his ministrations.

Why does he have huge followership? We can tell you that for free. It is because of the powerful ways he preaches.

Revealed an insider, his prayers are strong. He is a CAC prophet. He preaches like Pastor D.K. Olukoya. Don’t forget that people see and witness results whenever he prays for them or wherever they listen to his prayers. He delivers strong prayers”.

Though he speaks English, he prefers to deliver his messages in Yoruba.

Let's tell you more about him. Baba Ojo does not grant interviews. He doesn’t feel he needs it. He feels the positive effects are always there for people to see. Some of his members reveal more about him. One of them said “why we love Baba Ojo is because of his prayers. He prays like Dr Olukoya, in the Yoruba version. And he loves the word of God, just like Olukoya. He does not take money from anyone. He has empowered a lot of people mostly those who are not his members, even Moslems, to encourage them to receive Christ, as their Lord and Saviour.

Salvation is his key word in his Ministry, just like Olukoya”.

City People can reveal more. The headquarters of his church is in Ibadan, Iwo Road, Adelubi area. The church has a camp at Osengere, outside Ibadan called Maryland. At the camp, night vigils are held every day from 12am to 2am, every day. Services go on every day too, from 9am-12noon, 3pm to 6pm. Every 3 months there is a programme called 72 hours. Then there are 3 days of prayers and vigils. He also holds a crusade every month on Lagos television from 7am to 12noon. He has programmes every day and also has Special Programmes during the week during which he usually asks people to send prayer requests as to what you want the Lord almighty to do for you.

He has special prayers for each month. "My words don't fall on the ground", he said recently. "As I speak, it happens instantly. I command. Join me on Whatsapp for your prayers & testimony.

He has a Special Prayer for August. On August 1, he released this prophetic declaration. "This is your month of August Visitor". He said the name of this month is August Visitor...You shall receive an August Visitor this month! God, Himself shall pay you an August visit this month, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. When God visits, miracles happen...This month all dead businesses, marriages, careers, and finances are coming back alive in Jesus Christ's name. Your breakthroughs and opportunities are coming back alive in Jesus Christ name".

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