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Why Many Showbiz Marriages Will Continue To Crash

 •An Insider Reveals


Marriage crashes have become the order of the day in the entertainment industry. Though many will say it happens in other sectors, and that theirs is just in the news because they are famous and can’t hide issues concerning their lives from the general public. But, many still insist it’s more rampant in showbiz.

Just within 5 days, 2 highly respected filmmakers, Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz, then Chacha Eke and Austin Faani’s marriages packed up, leaving many of their fans and well-wishers heartbroken.

The rate at which showbiz marriages crash lately is really getting scary. In 2021, over 10 marriages crashed, and in the first quarter of 2022, over 6 showbiz marriages crashed.

And just when we thought we have seen enough for the year, the news of Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz, Chacha Eke and Austin Faani’s marriage crash news went viral.

And this has kept many wondering what exactly is happening. At the initial stage of the marriage, these couples always look too good together and many even conclude their union was made in heaven and will go on to last forever. Then few years into the marriage, the news of their breakup starts making the rounds.

Many will say marriage breakups happen every day and that theirs is more pronounced because they are in the limelight, which is true but many younger ones look up to them as role models and mentors and they are expected to live a life worthy of emulation.

Most times, the reasons for a breakup are usually a joint thing, as has been speculated in the case of star actress, Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz. Sometimes, the man contributes to the breakup, and the same applies to the woman.

A well-renowned filmmaker in the industry, who prefers to be anonymous, revealed to City People the real reasons why many showbiz marriages will continue to crash. According to her, one of the major problems is of insecurity. Most especially on the part of the lady.

Most of the ladies married to filmmakers always feel uncomfortable with the relationship their partners share with their colleagues in the industry, most especially, if they are getting too close for comfort.

These actors spend weeks on location with their female colleagues, all in the name of shooting movies and during this period, a lot of things go wrong. According to her, a good number of showbiz marriages are going through a lot, all because of this problem of being away from home. There are so many like that in the industry that the general public has not even heard about.

After tolerating and enduring the man (actor) for so long, the wife keeps bearing the emotional torture.

It gets to a point that she wouldn’t be able to tolerate it anymore and the only option that comes to her mind is to end the marriage and get her sanity back.

There is also the issue of men who don’t have a dime to their name, and settling down with a popular actress, will not only provide him with living a comfortable life, but the fame will also rub off on him. This happens to men who move in with their women instead of the other way round. He moves into the actress’s house and becomes the woman at home and then fakes being the husband outside. The lady, being the breadwinner, does irrational things and lives her life as she deems fit. When the so-called husband can not bear just being at the background, he will consider opting out, and before they both realise what is happening, there’s already a crack in the marriage, and ending it all will always be considered the only solution.

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