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Why Pastor ADEBOYE Chose Pastor AKANDE As Successor

 •To Succeed Him As New G.O


In the Redeemed Church of God, there are hierarchies, the highest office and the most powerful the Redeemed Church of God (RCCG), is the office of the General Overseer and head of mission.

The latest news is that Pastor Adeboye has chosen another pastor as redeemed church National Overseer and he is one of his anointed closest aides, Pastor Sunday Emmanuel Akande. Though Pastor Akande is not one of the 7 wise men who run Redeemed Church with Pastor Adeboye before he was chosen as the new G.O, he is well loved by the governing council and most especially by Pastor Adeboye.

Stepping in as the new National Overseer makes him the chairman of the redeemed Governing Council. The seat of the National Overseer functions as an advisory committee on important matters such as doctrine, discipline, acquisition of property, and senior appointments. The group also discusses important revelation from God through the GO before it is made public. The body is always chaired in its sessions by the GO.

The effective organisation of the RCCG and the need to accommodate the rapid proliferation of parishes are part of the reasons for the division of the church into sub-units with visible officials in charge. Pastor Akande was the pastor in charge of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Brisbane, Queensland in Australia until his recent elevation. He is also a special assistant to the GO, Pastor Adeboye and pastor in charge of the Whole Region, Central Office, UK. He hails from Ibadan in Oyo State.

He is one of the trusted PAs of Pastor Adeboye as he holds one of the key positions in his cabinet. As the National Overseer, he will be leading the existing 16 Special Assistants and Members of the Board of Trustees which are 9 in number. The board oversees the over 32,000 parishes of RCCG all over the world until he announces his own cabinet members.

Unknown to many, Pastor Sunday Akande has been a pastor in a redeemed church for over 40 years. He shares a very close 40-year- relationship with Pastor Adeboye. In one of his interviews, he revealed his closeness to Pastor Adeboye. When the GO turned 80,  he said, by the Grace of God, I know him to be a man of God, somebody who is humble and who loves God to the letter. By God’s grace, I have been with him for close to 40 years and I would say the man I knew 40 years ago is still the man I know now, when it comes to humility and serving the Lord, believing in holiness and living a holy life. Even before he became the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, I have been one of his sons; so I would say we’re all growing with him. The same Pastor Adeboye we know now is the same Pastor Adeboye we knew about 40yrs ago; forthright, believing and ready to give anything for the gospel. So, it’s a thing of joy that most of us are still around and appreciating God for his life at 80".

The new National Overseer who has had various pastoral duties in many Redeemed Church parishes overseas, was very popular in RCCG Light House Parish, in Australia when he was the pastor in charge. At Light House, their goal is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to win souls and raise disciples for God’s Kingdom, LHB is a community of Christians from various backgrounds, tribes, professions and cultures striving to be Christ-like. At LHB, they are passionate about impacting their community via their social programs and spiritual activities and their primary mission is to make heaven and to take as many people as possible too.

Down in Nigeria, he pastored a Redeemed Church Parish in the North, precisely Plateau in Jos and made a major impact in terms of the community social responsibility of the church.

He was also the Pastor in charge of Region 8 of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), who laid the foundation of a new Secondary School, Christ the Redeemer's College, Northern Region Redemption Camp, in Kassa, Barkin-Ladi Local Government Area, Plateau State. The school has 16 classrooms, boys and girls hostels, an administrative block, and other facilities.

Pastor Sunday Akande emerged as the new NO after The Governing Council of the Redeemed Christian Church of God announced many reforms in the church and effected retirements of top clerics including National Overseer, Pastor Joseph Obayemi.

The General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, who made the announcement on behalf of the council while addressing RCCG ministers on Sunday, also hinted that the person that would take over from him will be a young man. The RCCG, which is currently celebrating its 70th anniversary, was established in 1952 by Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi who passed on in 1980.

Before his transition, Akindayomi had given instruction that Pastor Adeboye, who joined the Church in 1973, should succeed him as the General Overseer. Adeboye stepped into Akindayomi’s shoes in 1981.

He has served in that position for more than 40 years and still counting.

In December 2016, Pastor Adeboye appointed the now retired Pastor Obayemi as the church’s overseer in Nigeria. Obayemi was given an additional portfolio to serve as the Overseer of the RCCG in North Africa in 2021. He was also addressed as Officer-in-charge of Nigeria. But Pastor Adeboye announced his retirement along with some others during the ministers’ conference. Obayemi is in his 70s.

Adeboye explained that the retirement age for all RCCG pastors will now be pegged at 70 years. He said however that some of them may be given lesser roles after retirement. Pastor Sunday Akande is to replace Obayemi as the RCCG National Overseer. He will serve for a period of two years while Pastor Kalu Ndukwe will serve as the Overseer of the Africa Continent.

Adeboye said the position of the National Overseer of the church will now be on a two-year basis while the Pastor occupying the position will operate from the Redemption Camp.

All churches in the camp would henceforth report to him. He will also represent Pastor Adeboye on special assignments.

Also affected by the changes is Pastor Johnson Odesola, who is Pastor Adeboye's in-law. He was in charge of the Administration and Personnel of the Church. He was relieved of the two portfolios. Two pastors were appointed to handle the portfolios. The new Pastor-in-charge of Personnel is Julius Olalekan while Pastor Dele Balogun was appointed to take charge of Admin. It is not yet clear the new designation of Pastor Odesola who also serves as the Overseer of the RCCG in the Middle East.

The Redemption Camp where the new N.O will be operating from, according to Pastor Adeboye, will henceforth carry the tag of a city just like the Vatican City.

Adeboye, earlier this year, also named the Ring Road in the camp after the founder of the church, Pastor Josiah Akindayomi. Some other roads were named after some retired pastors of the church. The old secretariat of the church, according to Pastor Adeboye, would be converted into a museum where historical items on the RCCG would be exhibited.



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