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Superior Evangelist Tosho Oshoffa Holds 52nd Birthday

Wednesday 19th, January 2022 marked a great celebration at the international headquarters of the Celestial Church of Christ, Ketu Lagos as the parish shepherd, Superior Evangelist Tosho Matthew Oshoffa TMO marked his 52nd birthday in grand style.

What many thought to be a regular service of mercy became a grand carnival as top dignitaries found their way into the church auditorium to felicitate with the man of God who has carved a niche for himself in the celestial church and the body of Christ at large in Nigeria.

It was a classy service as the choir were on top of their game, singing melodious songs to make the thanksgiving celebration grand indeed. Despite being on a working day, the church auditorium was filled to the brim while the overflow was equally fully occupied.

City People’s Brands Editor, DAMILARE SALAMI 08155134152 alongside photojournalist, Abdulrasheed Sanni and Feranmi Ayoade were at the event and in this report brings you the details of all that went down there, enjoy.


Mathew Olatosho Oshoffa is the Shepherd in Charge of the Celestial Church of Christ International Headquarters, Ketu, Lagos. But before then, he had taken the gospel of Jesus and the glory of the Celestial Church to several states of the country and many nations. One of them is France where his Evangelism prowess helped to strengthen the church.

The very active and eloquent minister of God has been a recipient of many awards; one of them was the Nelson Mandela Leadership Award Series For Excellence and Integrity. He was honoured with the NIGERIA @ 60 Youth Role Model 2020 in recognition of his leadership skills in the liberation of anything that has to do with the course of youth upliftment and unity among the nation at large, using the work of God as a yardstick in addressing various issues of our dear nation Nigeria, ensuring that he has been a motivation to youths of the nation who have in one way or the other had to pass through his tutelage. Let’s tell you more about him.

About 52 years ago, God made fulfilment of his promise to the founder of Celestial Church of Christ, Pastor Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa, that he would give him a male child that would later become the shepherd of his flock in CCC. Precisely on Monday, January 19, 1970, one of Oshoffa’s wives, late Mother-in-Celestial gave birth to the promised child, named Mathew Olatosho Oshoffa. There is no need to wonder how it became known that the child added to the family of the great CCC founder on that day was the one the Almighty God had spoken of in several prophetic messages, through various sources, long before then. The baby boy was unique in the manner God had stated through numerous prophets.

Tosho Oshoffa was born with a special tooth, as prophesied before his birth. As the boy, Olatosho Oshoffa grew up with several teeth emerging in his mouth as any other child, the tooth with which he was born became distinct from all others. It came as a coloured tooth in front of his upper jaw. This was as stated emphatically by God in the numerous prophesies.


The event opened with a massive and highly energetic praise and worship session. Did we tell you that some mega superstars joined the choir to minister at the service? One of them is the popular CCC celebrity singer, Ajidara. The choir ministration was not just soul-lifting, it was equally full of inspiration. Let’s also be the first to tell you that talents abound in the CCC International Headquarters choir. Many of the choristers that handled the microphone could as well pass for established solo singers. They are so talented that some guests were of the opinion that they are too good to be merely choir members.


TMO at 52 witnessed a lot of activities; one of them was the special recognition award by the International Youths Initiative. While speaking on behalf of the association, its general secretary revealed that Shepherd Tosho Oshoffa has been a worthy father, teacher, mentor and role model to the youths in the association, within the celestial cycle and the country at large. He was also inducted into the hall of fame of the association.


One of the biggest names at the event was the former president Olusegun Obasanjo who came in the company of a royal father, a pastor and his security details to honour his younger friend and brother, Prophet Olatosho Oshoffa. While addressing the congregation, the old OBJ revealed a lot about Prophet Tosho Oshoffa, he referred to him as a younger sibling and declared his affinity with the celestial church. His presence was greeted with cheers and applause from the congregation and also the national anthem before he delivered his short but impactful speech.

Among those that came with OBJ was Otunba Fasawe, Pastor Dotun and others. He took out time to pray for the celebrant and spoke very highly of him as being a very humble minister of God. He furthermore encouraged the congregation to stick with God and remain focused on the heavenly kingdom which is the goal of every believer.


Without much ado, the thanksgiving commenced immediately after the communion was served. Prophet Tosho Oshoffa, his beautiful wife and children as well as siblings joined him in the thanksgiving session as the choir serenaded. No one needed to be told that TMO is a great dancer, those who are close to him know this so well about him. Other members of the church queued behind him as they went to the main entrance of the church and danced from there down to the pulpit with his family and loved ones.


The church service came to a close after Superior Evangelist Ebenezer Oshoffa the older sibling of the celebrant came to the fore to appreciate the congregation for their time resources. He further announced that the reception of the birthday celebration has been scheduled to hold a few kilometres away from the church auditorium.


The open ground situated at a few buildings away from the church was beautifully decorated with banners of TMO @ 52. The venue was decorated in white and a touch of blue. At about 4:00 pm in the evening, the venue had been completely transformed. It was ready for the big party and guests had started finding their way into the well-ventilated space.


As the reception party was gathering momentum, MC Aboki, a popular comedian and compere who has anchored many events for the celestial church was on ground to anchor the show; and he did a very good job. Apart from his rib-cracking jokes, MC Aboki was very familiar with the terrain and the guests. This made his job very easy as he was able to relate with all the guests quite easily and efficiently.


It was indeed a cake day for the Shepherd as he received them in numbers. Before the close of the church service, four cakes had already been displayed. They were all gifts from TMO’s well-wishers. At the reception, there were more. It simply showed that the man of God is not just loved but equally appreciated.


The Celestial Church is known for having talented singers. Two amongst them were billed to perform at the reception party. It was indeed a big day for TMO as Ajidara, a popular Celestial singer and his band members stormed the stage. He thrilled so well and left a mark.

Immediately after Ajidara and his boys left the stage, popular juju singer, Mega 99 took over. Trust Mega 99 to do justice to any owambe with his stylish brand of Juju music. He delivered awesomely and got highly rewarded for it.


This report will not be complete if the mention is not made of the Oshoffa siblings as they completely took over the dance floor and sprayed their brother so well. Starting from the Sup Evang Ebenezer Oshoffa to other siblings like Deborah Pshoffa, Solomon Oshoffa and many others, they made TMO feel so loved.

Also spotted on the dance floor spraying big was Soji Kasumu, Honorable Nofi, Ade Jesus, Dele Akinola, Gbenga Salako amongst several others.

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