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Why I Went Into Real Estate Business – Alhaji TAOFEEK OLADITI, CEO Taofolad4real

Taofolad4real is an emerging real estate firm that is positioned to change the narrative of the property sector in Nigeria. Beyond offering the best deal in housing and property, Taofolad4real joined the estate sector to reduce the stress of processing and taking ownership of properties in Nigeria. Based on Avalanche cases of fraudulent activities of some real estate agents.

According to the company’s Ceo, Alhaji Taofeek Oladiti, Taofolad4real shares the pain of those that want to build a house but doesn’t have enough money. This is why we going into Real Estate Scheme. We will serve the luxury home prospects, the middle class and the common masses to help them become homeowners. Our company is certified by SON (Standard Organisation of Nigeria) after their inspecting our various outlet.

Our selling point among our competitions is the fact that we install CCTV cameras in sensitive areas of sites. We monitor all our projects from any part of the world to make sure that quality materials are used in all our projects. Our major mission is to put a smile on people’s faces.

We make sure we provide an affordable lands & Houses scheme for our clients. We acquire our properties in conducive environments and make sure they’re comfortable for our client living. I decided to delve into the real estate business because of what is happening here in Nigeria. A lot of people send money from abroad to families and friends for them to build houses and at the end of the day, these people deploy low-quality materials to build the house. In our own company, we make use of high-quality materials and we supervise our workers for a good quality service. Most Nigerian socialites are our clients and we help in building their own houses in Ibadan.

We have various properties in Oyo state in the following locations

*Ologuneru (Ido Local Government), *New felele (Lagos - Ibadan Express Way), *Oluyole Extension (Akala Express Way), *Ohio Village (Apata Axis), *Akala Express Road.

Our Payment plan is flexible to suit the plan of all our prospects varying from one-off payments and instalments peaking about the drive behind the mission guiding the organization, Alhaji, Taofeek said he has a passion to soften the stress of Nigerians and the troubles that tenants are going through from landlords/Agents.

Taofolad Real Estate is a subsidiary of Taofolad4real Nig Limited. The conglomerate deal in Automobile Projects Development, Supply of Granite, Sands & Cement. We drill boreholes & General Merchants.

Speaking on what inspired the name of the brand, the CEO clarified that Taofolad emerges from his first and last name. He also shares the reflection of how he’s been in the United Kingdom for many years, doing Imports and Exports of Automobile, before he decided to add Real Estate into his conglomerate. 

“They say Charity begins at home. I am a true son of the soil, and my native town comes first because Ibadan is a very peaceful and affordable place to live and work. Also, living in Europe, I have heard of my friends and colleagues who sent money to family back in Nigeria to help them carry out housing projects but they ended up squandering the money. This sad situation is what I can also relate to because I have also been a victim. This is why I introduce proxy support into my own real estate business. I want to bridge that gap and ensure that Nigerians in the diaspora actually get good value for their money when they invest in the real estate”, he said.

Lastly, in the last few years, we have worked with lots of celebrities who have been helping us promote the company through adverts and others but we just picked our first brand ambassador  Lola Alao who will be representing us in diaspora, we also have a branch in U.S and U.K Taofolad4 real is a real estate company that believes in going for the best in everything, we make people’s dreams come through, not just helping them with their dream homes but also helping them move into their desire homes with their dream exotic cars. We have helped our clients build houses in Lagos, Abuja, Abeokuta and other cities


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