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Why It Is Difficult For Nigerian Women To Compete With Men In Politics – Hajia Raliat Abdulsalam, VP, EWIP

There is no doubt that men are taking more prominent roles in politics in Africa and particularly in Nigeria. This is because the system favours more men than women. This statement was revealed by Chief Mrs Raliat Anako Abdulsalam, the Vice President of Evolving Women in Politics (EWIP) a non-governmental political association with special for women’s participation in politics.

Hajia Abdulsaalam while speaking on a TV program, ‘women achievement’ in Abuja revealed that it is difficult for women to compete with men because they lack the financial strength to do so.

“In politics, women cannot match the men financially; that was the bane of the problem for women in politics. Even though the political parties are now saying that women should pay half the price of the nomination forms for those who want to run for any elective office, the truth is that the men are not sincere about the percentage of the women they want in governance.

“If I come out to say I want to run for the presidency in APC, how many delegates will vote for me? You see, I don’t have the financial capability to rally them to vote for me. Even the women themselves will not vote for me because most women don’t appreciate other women. Only a few of us do.

“How come the political parties are not saying that when a man wants to be the president, a woman must be the vice or when a man wants to be the governor, a woman must be the deputy? We also observe that the women don’t support themselves. We always complain that the men are maligning us but the women too don’t support themselves. I don’t know maybe it is envy or jealousy or insecurity we found that also as a problem. Starting this women group has exposed me to a lot.

“We had to have a lot of patience with ourselves to promote the foundation. Luckily, we are in the whole 36 states now, and we will be launching soon in February. We hope that we can launch in Abuja since it is at the centre even though our office is basically in Lagos, we also want to have an office here in Abuja.

“What we are doing is to help the women understand their right, their civic duties as women; make them know that they have the same right as the men, to take positions, fight for their rights and for their voices to be heard and if we come together, we will make a bigger impact.

“We need to change the mindset and understand that the higher populations of the voters are women and youths and we are the mothers, we can control our youths to think like us.



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