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Meet The Man Who Made Sir OLU OKEOWO Rich

Chief Sylvester Enangbale Obeto (SEO) on July 30, 2022, gathered a large number of his friends and family members at White Stone Events Centre, Oregun Lagos, to celebrate his 80th birthday. It was a party organised to honour a kind and God-fearing man as described by many. At the event, a popular businessman, who doubles as a real estate magnate and philanthropist, in the person of Chief Olu Okeowo also made his presence known.

At the event, Chief Olu Okeowo revealed his relationship with the celebrator in his speech. Chief Sylvester Enangbale Obeta, who plays the role of an uncle in the life of Chief Olu Okeowo, is, indeed, an invaluable person.

In Olu Okeowo’s speech at the event, he pointed out the important role the celebrator had played in all ramifications of his life since his late father and Chief Sylvester set off their friendship.

He also pointed out his role in his business life when he started the business. Read the speech below.

“Going down memory lane, this Chief, Uncle Sylvester Enangbale, met my late father in the mid 50’s. At that time, my father was driving his vehicle and was trying to develop what we call Uber today, a commercial vehicle, and a policeman chased him and he jumped over the fence and entered into the house of Chief Alberto and then their friendship began. Chief Obeto supported him from then and stood by my father during his growth in business. When my late father went into the construction of the Ibadan Expressway, he delivered a lot of granite and sand used in construction, that was what Chief Obeto of his time doing all that.

When he acquired another company for construction, and there was a lot of litigations, there was no day Chief Obeto did not follow my father to the court when he was represented by the late FRA Williams. My late father had two brothers, an elder one and a younger one. One died about 39 years ago and the other one died 27 years ago, so that left Chief Obeto being the only paternal uncle my father reported me to. He has been there for me over the years. During the years of my growth, anytime I had a problem with my parents, he would summon Uncle, he would come and call me “Olumi”. That “Olumi” had a way of softening my heart.

I remember, the very first contract I got, it was uncle that went to stand for me when the processes began.

Uncle would go to the governor’s house to stand in to represent my company until I got the contract.

Uncle, I thank you for being there. There are 2 types of people you meet in this world. You meet some people that you regret ever meeting them. Then you meet some people that you know that it is only God who sent them to your life. Uncle, God sent you to my life and my prayer is for you to live nearby me, I want to wake up and see you every day.

I want to thank you for taking good care of Aunty, your wonderful wife. When Uncle was a younger man, he was very handsome and a lot of women were chasing him around my father would always tell him he would not go anywhere. You would stick to your wife and uncle would always listen. I also remember my uncle buying me my very first boxing gloves. Remember uncle was a boxer. So, if you see the part of me when I react maybe it was Uncle that taught me.

Uncle is a wonderful man, who fears God, and a man who fears God builds other people’s homes. He has given me joy, happiness and kindness. I have also had the opportunity of meeting some of his friends, I saw Uncle Blackie earlier, Uncle Blackie and I used to fight a lot.

But now he is old, he doesn’t fight me again. I have also seen brother Olu, his driver, for so many years who showed me the kind of person he is. He is a consistent and kind person, Uncle, as you have been kind to me and people here, kindness would never elude your children. They will always find help. As we are here dancing in joy, your life will not be in disarray Boko Haram and kidnappers will not see us and you will live long. I remember the day my father was ill and you saw him in the hospital room and you ran out. Some of those who were there with me are here today. Mr Joe was there, Yemi and Tolu were there.

You came out crying and said: “how will tomorrow look like, Olu? The God you called on that day did not leave us and He is forever. That God that did not leave us will be with you forever”.

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