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Primate AYODELE's Prophecy On KENYA Elections On Point

It is on record that several prophets and lesser-known men of God came out not long ago to make various spurious prophecies about the just concluded Kenya elections. Some of these prophecies were outrageous while others were simply mundane. It was obvious for any discerning mind to see that most of those prophecies were nothing but guesses works and mere permutations. Little wonder why, at the end of the day, none of them got it right. They were not even close. The only prophet, who had spoken long before the elections took place, and whose prophecy turned out to be exactly accurate, is Primate Ayodele Elijah, the founder and leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual church.

For those who have been following closely Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on the just concluded Kenya elections, the man of God has been backing and encouraging the eventual winner, Williams Ruto, to win the presidential elections despite the fact that the former deputy president was not enjoying the support of his principal. Kenyatta Uhuru. Many will also recall that Primate Ayodele had also warned Williams Ruto not to expect any support from the president, Kenyatta Uhuru because he was going to throw his weight behind Raila Odinga and support him against Willams Ruto. But never the less, Ayodele was adamant and optimistic that, without rigging, Odinga will not win the election and that’s exactly what has happened. From day one, this outstanding prophet of God made it clear that Williams Ruto will win the elections and this, like his thousands of other prophecies, has also come to pass.

The fulfilment of this particular prophecy of Primate Ayodele has sent shock waves around the country and even beyond. This is because everyone was waiting patiently for the outcome of the election to see if they ever consistent and accurate man of God got it right again this time. The Kenya election was a particularly tough one because of the big actors involved. It was so difficult to tell where the pendulum would swing and who would eventually emerge victorious. It was a tension-soaked presidential election. The battle was primarily between DP William Ruto and a well-experienced fifth-time contestant in Kenya presidential election, Hon. Raila Odinga.

The outcome of the election can best be described as astonishing, especially for the fact that Raila Odinga was hugely and openly supported by the current president, Uhuru Kenyatta. He had fallen out with his deputy, Williams Ruto, and he didn’t conceal the fact that his preferred successor was Raila Odinga. All of these went according to Primate Ayodele’s prophecy. He got it all spot on with his astounding prophecies.

As for the Osun election, Ayodele said clearly, that the person he supported was Governor Oyetola, whom his heart desired to win the governorship election and proceed on his second term tenure but deep inside him, Primate Ayodele knew he would not win that election, which he had said earlier as far back in December. Many will recall that, during the release of his 2022 prophecies as far back as Wednesday, 22nd Of December, 2021, Primate Ayodele’s statement on the Osun state election was even more elaborate and it talked majorly on how Governor Oyetola will struggle to have a second term in office. The man of God categorically stated that Oyetola will not have it easy if he doesn’t unite all the members of the Osun political family. He warned him of evil perpetrators that will frustrate his second-term ambition. Primate Ayodele also further stated that there will be protests against Oyetola’s government and if he doesn’t put his house in order, he will not record victory in the election. And this is exactly what happened. There was massive chaos and disunity within the Osun APC and Oyetola could not resolve the crisis before the election, hence his defeat at the polls.

Hear him: ‘’OSUN STATE: The spirit of God says governor Oyetola must unite all members of the Osun State House of Assembly as well as the party members (including those who do not like him). He must work assiduously because there will be a lot of evil perpetrators that will want to frustrate his effort in order for him not to win the second term. All the Who is who should be reconciled in the Osun State APC.’’

‘’I foresee that many of his party members will want to gang up against him. Oyetola must not allow the party members to decamp and also not allow his party to break. He needs prayers to avert negativity and do the needful. They will bring negative reports about the governor. He must pray very hard so that he will succeed.”

Without a shadow of doubt, the highly respected and renowned Ayodele has, over the years, been steady, focused, firm and far more accurate with his prophecies when compared side by side with his other contemporaries. For several years running now, Ayodele has consistently churned out prophecies that go beyond Nigeria. Indeed, he is the only prophet that prophesies well ahead of time and long before the incidents happen either in Nigeria, Africa or the world at large. The truth must be told, Primate Ayodele is no small fry when it comes to prophecies. He has distinguished himself and set himself apart from the rest. No one has come anywhere close to him when it comes to releasing accurate prophecies on a regular basis. And now, with the coming to pass of his Kenya election prophecy, the popularity of this enigmatic man of God has even soared higher. Far beyond Nigeria, the rest of the world is starting to acknowledge Primate Ayodele Elijah as one of the greatest prophets of our time

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