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Revealed! The Pains Ladies Go Through After Butts & Boobs Surgeries

The craze for butts, boobs enlargement and tummy tucks is growing at an alarming rate. The pressure to look perfect, hot and sexy is the trending thing amongst ladies lately. And these ladies are more than willing to spend any amount and also risk anything to get their desired body shape.

Though many claim they are not doing it to impress any man, but to make them feel good and comfortable in their body, the truth still remains that, the desire to look hot and sexy and turn heads at parties and events, is primarily to impress the opposite sex.

It used to be a thing for the rich and famous but currently, plastic surgery is available to all persons who can cough up the money for the procedure, with different centres in Lagos.

Besides trying to attract the opposite sex, there are other reasons many ladies are crazy about surgery lately, especially in Nigeria.

One is the issue of body shaming. We live in a society where women especially are expected to have a perfect body”. Some undergo plastic surgeries to please their partners. Some ladies undergo plastic surgeries for fear of being tagged as unattractive, especially on social media.

It has become an addiction for lots of other ladies, once they undergo one and enhance a particular part of their body, they always want more.

There have been accounts of persons who went under the knife, so they could look like their favourite icons.

Gone are the days when many celebrities hide the fact that they went under the knife to alter their body. Lately, a good number of them come out and share their experience, contrary to the belief that once they go through the surgery, they instantly become sexy, without experiencing so much pain. That is far from the truth. A lot of ladies are speaking out so that other ladies who intend to do the same can prepare properly for it.

Though it all depends on the body type and health condition of the individual, and this is why lots of tests are conducted before surgeries are carried out.

Just a few days ago, popular Hair boss, Nwanneka Nkumah, popularly known as “Mizwanneka” shared her experience a year after Liposuction, on her Instagram page. According to her “I couldn’t sit for 2 months, all because I was bloated every night. So I had to compress and use flat tummy teas. My doctor was telling me after the procedure that surgery is just 40 per cent of my final result made me cry. I was like why una no open mouth tell person true before? it was extremely painful the first 5 nights. I made a video for my kids. I was so dramatic. Una wey do body make una dey tell us how far o, make we plan well abeg, because I was not informed”. After 1 year, I still feel some pain though, just on the lipo area” she added.

A lot of her fans commended her in the comment section, for coming out true with her experience and also sharing the pain, unlike some other celebrities who give the wrong picture.

The popular hair vendor was reported to have acquired new buttocks through BBL plastic surgery last year.

Still, in her comment section, another lady with Instagram handle Life of Fluzury, commented on her friend’s experience. According to her “my friend’s breast was butchered and she even lost one of them at recovery for breast reduction surgery. God totally saved her, she lost one breast after several months of treatment”.

Oghogho from Benin, March 2019 lost her one breast after breast reduction surgery”.

Another lady with Instagram handle Poshest hope, who had a successful surgery also commented “Ahhh, I am just  7 weeks post operation and complaining already, so it is still 1 year Aye Mi Temi Bami”.

Popular social media influencer Omohtee was left battling for her life after a failed hip reduction procedure. She revealed that her “waist became numb” coupled with severe pain.

A lot of ladies die after liposuction and nobody gets to hear their stories, mainly because they are not celebrities.

Popular serial entrepreneur Toyin Lawani also gave insight into what is expected of people who have done liposuction after a fan called her out for claiming she has never done liposuction before. While defending herself, she came out clean, saying she had done a few surgeries for good reasons.

In the course of her explanation, she stated clearly that undergoing surgery alone is not a yardstick to having a perfect body for life, it still requires lots of work.

According to her “see, if you care for your body after surgery, it will always bounce back and if you also eat too much, you will lose the whole work you did...”

Despite the alarming rate of deaths and risk involved after undergoing these procedures, a lot of ladies are queuing to take turns at different hospitals in Lagos for tummy tuck and liposuction. Sexy bodies and flat tummies are what’s in vogue now as many rich men get attracted to ladies with hot and sexy bodies.

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