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Popular Singer, Queen Madiva Celebrated In Lagos

Saturday, 28th January 2023, was a great day when City People Entertainment honoured and celebrated Queen Madiva at Wave Beach, at Elegushi Beach in Lagos. City People crew stormed Wave Beach to celebrate her for her rise and rise in the Music industry.

Prince Felix Adegboyega was at the party, Otunba Onifade the CEO of SAATB Entertainment was also there, as well as City People Publisher, Seye Kehinde. City People Reporter, Olusola Abiodun and Videographer, Olaoluwa Olawale and Photographer, Sunday Aderiye got her to talk about how happy she was that evening. Below are excerpts of what she said.

“My name is Queen Madiva, and I am so glad and happy to be here tonight. I want to say a big thanks to City People Magazine Publisher, Dr Seye Kehinde and the whole team for celebrating and honouring Queen Madiva.

I was surprised, when I got the call from Dr Seye Kehinde, that they want to celebrate me, I had to ask my husband, I think, they used to celebrate 20, 30, 40 and 50 years people in the industry and I am just 10 years plus. Moreover, my thought was I will start celebrating my anniversary on stage in 20 or 30 years, but he made to understand that “we should celebrate ourselves when we are alive” because nobody knows tomorrow.

I want to say a big thank you once again to the whole team and Dr Seye Kehinde for his support, kindness and good heart. I want to celebrate the Queen Madiva Band. Those guys are extremely amazing and they are the pillar behind Queen Madiva. “Awon ni ejika ti o je ki aso ko ja bo lo run mi”.

Because, without them, I can not do it alone, I am sure you know “A tree can not make a forest”. They have been there when there is nothing and here we are thanking God, even though we are yet to get to the top, with God we will be there.

I want to appreciate and celebrate my fans as well for choosing, Queen Madiva Band and their love for the band, with all the bands in the industry they still choose to patronize Queen Madiva Band. Thank you for your love. I want to appreciate my darling husband, he has been my supporting system, and he has been my everything. He is God sent, and if not for God that sent him to me I don’t know where Queen Madiva Band will be.

He single-handedly opened Zaate Entertainment Lable in other to support his wife and for Queen Madiva Band. Those that know Queen Madiva from the start will know the angle I am coming from. With the stage charisma, the outfit and the equipment, he makes sure everything is in place. I thank God and thank him specially and I want to say a big thanks to him for his support over the years. May the Almighty God continue to bless him and enlarge his coast and enrich him bountifully. I want to thank those who have been supporting Queen Madiva in one way or another other may the Lord bless you and keep you.

Your baby girl, Queen Madiva, Oloyin lohun aya A, Mama Laduke, Mama Rubby is saying thank you for your love and your kindness all the time. City People! Three gbosa for you gbosa! Gbosa!! Gbosa!!! I dub my hat for you, thank you for always supporting the younger generation and the small bands. This brand will not wait for you to become a superstar before they celebrate you. They will make sure you are celebrated right from scratch till you get to the top. I will pray for the Publisher, Dr Seye Kehinde and all the crew for working tirelessly to make the brand more successful. I pray may the Almighty God uplift you all, may God bless you may the Lord enlarge your coast. From the depth of my heart, I am saying a very big thanks to you, because I am very happy tonight.

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