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How My Dad, EBENEZER OBEY Runs His Ministry As G.O – Bishop FOLARIN OBEY

Bishop Folarin Obey is the son of the legendary musician Ebenezer Obey. He currently runs the Decross Gospel Mission church along with his father who is the General Overseer. He started the work of God at a very tender age before becoming a full pastor in 1995.
In this exclusive interview with City People Publisher, he talked about how he was called into the ministry, runs the Church with his father and what we need to learn from the pandemic.

Can you share with us your thoughts on the pandemic?
Definitely it's a global challenge. They are plagues, in the Bible, there are different times plagues came upon people in the bible but by the grace of God lots of people survived it.

How has Decross Gospel Mission responded to the pandemic?
Well we did our beat like every other person. We started our 30 days of Prayers and Praises to God which we just completed. All we did was praising the Lord. He has been so faithful to us as a church and individuals. We have seen the hand of God in our lives. At times like this, every church needs the internet to reach out to members, we didn’t give that so much importance before. So it’s also another means of ministering and we are taking advantage of it, we are trying to be IT compliant to meet up with the new trend.

Do you think it is time for churches to be reopened?
Well, I have not seen reasons why churches should not be opened because we need prayers from the church. Moreover, leadership is all about influence and the church has had so much influence on the Parishioners and I also believe the church can influence and encourage it’s members to do the needful but I appreciate the concern of the government and the whole world doing their best not to allow it spread. I believe this thing is out there and it is a headache for the whole world but at a time like this what do we need? We need to pray, people will fight for people under this challenge and the church can also influence their parishioners on what and ways to do things. Some of these churches even have mini-clinic where medical attention is given, this is a serious issue and I believe the church is a place people should run to.

Tell us about Decross Gospel Mission?
The church has been there for a while, as a church we are 27 yrs this year. Then as a ministry, we have been there for over 30 yrs, right from the ’80s when my dad got born again. We were using the downstairs of his building for preaching and ministering every Tuesdays and Thursdays. We all grew up there at Ipaja road. It used to be a hotel but when he got born again he turned it around, so from being a ministry in 93, it became a full Church.

What is Evangelist Ebenezer Obey’s role?
Baba Obey is the General Overseer of the ministry and he is still very active. He is playing the role as the father of that community and we learn from him because anytime we sit with him we get wisdom. God has blessed him so much and we pray God will continue to keep him to continue to play his role and it is a privilege for me to be his son.

How easy was it for you entering the ministry?
It was not a big deal because my parents had always trained us in the way of the Lord. Before I even gave my life to Christ I could read lots of Psalms from my head, at our prayer altar my parents always teach us then. Almost all his songs remain with us. When I had an encounter with Christ it was not a big deal anymore because we already had strong Christian background, The Lord called me. I received a call from the Lord to go into the ministry. So I went into full Ministry, in 95 but before that year I had been leading ministrations in the 80s so I became a full pastor in 95. Even before I became a full Pastor I had been ministering all around, I go around to preach the gospel. I had known from the beginning that I would become a man of God. There were also prophecies to my parents that I will be a man of God. They were given signs to confirm it and all the signs came to past. When I was 8 years old and people ask me what I would like to be in future, I always tell them I will be a Pastor. That was when I didn’t even understand what it was all about. At 8 years old, I used to pray for people and they received their healing. So when the time came everything fell into place.

But you were made a Bishop few months ago?
Yes,I became the Bishop of the ministry and lots of pastors were in attendance like Bishop Oyedepo and lots of others. That was in April last year. It was during my father’s birthday.

How has it been since then?
I understand at a tender age that being called by God to any office is a privilege. So I remain eternally grateful to God for the opportunity and privilege he gave me to be his servant and that has also made me very careful because people are reading me like scriptures and I make sure I remain steadfast in all I do. I understand many doors will open as well as adversaries too, they are all stepping stones for us. I am grateful for everything.

What is the focus of the church?
It’s in our slogan, we preach the words of God. We are raising unstoppable believers and achievers. So evangelism is our core aim. To get people saved and baptized.

What is your message to your viewers?
Don’t lose hope. Put your trust in God Hold on to his Grace. No matter how the pandemic has affected your life it has only affected a layer. There’s still something brand new inside you. Whatever has been affected is only a layer so remove it and move on. Just hold to Him you will get there. You will pull through the situation, Just believe and everything will be alright. Keep dreaming big and God will perfect it, The pandemic is only a layer in the life of man, it will soon pass over.

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