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How Primate AYODELE Got It Right On ANAMBRA Elections

The Anambra governorship election has held and a clear winner has emerged. The people have spoken. And, like they say, the voice of the people is the voice of God. And just as the jubilation over the emergence of APGA’s Charles Soludo continues, the records must be set straight before some fraudulent men of God will begin to forward to claim for what they know nothing about.

It must be said in very clear terms that no prophet came forward to say anything about the just concluded Anambra election several months ago when nobody knew where the pendulum would swing. It was Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church who first warned APGA that they must choose Charles Soludo and make him their gubernatorial candidate if they do not wish to lose the elections to APC. None of the prophets came out because it was a very dicey situation at the time many months ago and they were all scared to stick their neck out and make pronouncements on the election that people can hold against them. But Primate Ayodele, always fearless and confident of his prophecies, made it clear from the very start, as far back as last year, that APGA was the party to beat and that it will take a lot of intrigues and rigging by APC to steal victory from APGA. Today, the rest is history. But many still recall what Mbaka said shortly before the election started. He said Charles Soludo will never be governor of Anambra State. In fact, he stated categorically that he saw the glory of God on Andy Uba and that Andy Uba will never the next governor of Anambra State, though he later came out to deny that he ever made those prophecies.

For Prophet Udumeje, he said there would not be election at all and that as a matter of fact, all that he was seeing were guns and death everywhere. But again, he too, like his counterpart, denied making those prophecies when it became apparent that they had both goofed. They missed it completely. This is the marked difference between Primate Ayodele and other prophets. He never changes his words. He will stand by his prophecy to the very end. As for the Ekiti election, which many have been clamouring for, he said he has not released any prophecy yet, but that at the right time he will do so.  As a matter of fact, not so long ago, just a couple of weeks to the election, Ifeanyi Ubah sponsored a story in the media claiming that Ayodele had pronounced him winner via his prophecy of the Anambra election. But Ayodele promptly responded by saying in no unmistakable terms that he never mentioned nor prophesied that Ifeanyi Ubah will become next governor of Anambra State. Ayodele has his own peculiar ways of doing his things.

One of the things he also said and which many took note of was when he told Andy Uba not to waste his money, that it’s only George Moghalu, the MD of Inland Waters, that can become governor of Anambra State under APC. But the APC did not heed his warning. They disregarded Primate Ayodele’s prophetic advice and went ahead to make Andy Uba their candidate. You can see where that terrible decision has landed them. With these prophecies that have come to pass, Ayodele has once again shown that his prophetic ministry remains unrivaled in the country. When he speaks, thousands of people listen to him with rapt attention. On daily basis, this incredible man of God releases astonishing prophecies, yet people say he’s only analyzing situations or making permutations. People have called this man all sorts of names yet his prophecies keep coming to pass and reaching fulfillment.

When he responded to Andy Uba, he replied him on two different occasions, yet it does not change his prophetic achievements. The man simply keeps growing in leaps and bounds. This is the same man who had foretold long before now that Andy Uba will go to court immediately after the results are announced. In his new prophecies, he has advised Andy Uba not to waste his money by going to court. And the man has also warned that we should not expect what happened in Imo state to happen in Anambra State, except if they want to create problems for themselves. Ayodele went further to advice the people to appeal to IPOB over the sit at home order which they did. He also said that there will be stalemate in some areas during the election and which happened exactly as he had said it would. He also forewarned there will be stealing of ballot papers and shooting, which happened on the day of the elections.

Interestingly, Primate Ayodele has always been extremely accommodating of his critics. He welcomes their criticisms with open arms and never dismisses them nor takes things personal with them. Indeed, he tells anyone who cares to listen that he loves those who criticize him much more than those who do not criticize him, because according to him, his critics have given him the necessary push to be more serious, determined and focused on the work of God. In the whole of Africa today, this man is the only prophet who mentions the names of top personalities in his prophecies and reveals what will become of them. All the other prophets such as Olagunju, Suleiman, Iginla and others have their own way of making prophecies, but Ayodele remains unmatched. Not only have his prophecies and their accuracy rate become shocking, these other prophets simply do not operate on the same level with him, the man is several years ahead of them. His book of over 10,000 fulfilled prophecies is a testimony to this. How many of them can boast of a book of 100 fulfilled prophecies, much less 10,000? Let’s be honest with ourselves, there are prophets and there are prophets but some Prophets are greater than some others. Primate Ayodele is miles ahead of the others, they can only pray and dream to achieve what he has achieved as a prophet of God.

Some of the publications that ran various stories and articles on Primate Ayodele starting from last year saying APGA was the favoured party in the Anambra election long before the election was held are Sunday Telegraph, November 29, 2020, page 27; Sunday Telegraph, November 1, 2020, page 27; City People, September 11, 2021, page 11; Sunday Telegraph, July 14, 2020, page; Sunday Tribune, September 6, 2020, page 25. 

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