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How To Make Your Man Want You All The Time

A lot of times, most women in love throw caution to the dogs and fall flat in love. They feel that it’s okay to be all over a guy you like once you sense he likes you too. Yes, it's okay. Sometimes. Truth is, a lot of times, men quickly lose desire in a girl that’s all over them from the word go. But when you make the guy sweat a little, make him want you more, then you might just have something strong and enduring on your hands. Here are five ways to make him miss you all the time and want you more.


*Keep yourself busy. Never give him the impression you’re just sitting by the phone waiting for his call. Even if you are, he doesn’t have to know, does he? Get involved in activities that will engage you, that is if you are still trying to get hold of a steady job. If he calls a few times and you let him know you’re a little but would talk to him later, that will make him feel grateful for getting to spend a little time with you.


*Never show it bothers you much when he doesn’t call. This is really important when the relationship is just starting to take off. One of the biggest mistakes women make in a fresh relationship is to start whining ‘why didn’t you call me last night.’ You to take things slow and easy. At the beginning of a relationship, chances are that hormones will be on overdrive and you are likely to do things without even thinking. But a relationship, like everything else, is progressive.


*Feel good about yourself. When necessary, wear stuff that you feel desirable in. Wear sexy shorts, sexy tops, go for outfits that flatter your figure. When you feel sexy, it shows and he’s going to reciprocate the desire by requesting to be with you all the time.


*Take initiative. Forget about playing hard to get, take charge of things in the bedroom and anywhere else. This is important for married couples. You must not be predictable. If you want to keep his interest in you sustained, you must continue to excite and surprise him. Send him lovely messages, take him out to dinner or send him an invite asking him to meet you somewhere for a lovely night out.


*Inflate his ego. This one works all the time. Turn him on by complimenting him on what he’s wearing and how good he looks. It would certainly turn him on that a super hot babe like you admires him and this will only make him desire you more.



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