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How Our Glorious Twins Brought Us Out Of Poverty – Mother, TOBILOBA EKUNDAYO

The Glorious Twins are real-life twin sisters who have recorded numerous songs singing and harmonizing with each other. It is a known fact that twins share a connection that is far beyond that of regular mortals. Well, the Glorious Twins may be proof of that. At such a young age, these two teenagers are producing some wonderful harmonies.

They have recorded a few singles together, one of them is the popular ‘To go ba de’ track that has been trending online. They touch the hearts of millions of people around the world and they have a signature, which is their head ties. A few weeks ago, they were performing live somewhere and their mother immediately went live on Instagram and before you could say Jack Robinson, they have had close to 1000 viewers join them live. That is the kind of weight they pull with their online presence.

These two beings with angelic voices have featured some big names in some of their online videos and live performances; one of them is the popular gospel singer, Adeyinka Alaseyori. Like many musicians who start at a tender age, the Glorious twins are not leaving any stone unturned. They are doing their best to get better every day and are working hard to perfect their game.

In a chat with City People’s Brands Editor, DAMILARE SALAMI 08155134152, these fast-rising talents alongside their mother revealed how they started, how they gained a strong online presence and a few other interesting topics. Below are excerpts from the interview. Enjoy.


How old are they and at what point did you discover their talent?

They are 13, they started singing while they were around 5 years of age but it wasn’t professional until about two years ago when the lockdown started. They’ve been doing fairly well but they went viral during the lockdown.

Did you ever envisage that they could do this and what has the acceptance been like?

Well, to say the truth, no. I didn’t ever envisage that they could take us to where we are right now as a family and at this tender age.

How do you feel about your children doing well in music at this young age?

I’m so happy.

Well let’s talk about the remuneration aspect of their music. Would you say that the family has been benefitting financially from their trade?

Very well… because I do music and their dad does music too but we didn’t get into the limelight until our twins started singing. Before now, we hardly got shows but now that they are here and are growing musically, we get shows regularly. Because of them, people have discovered that we could sing too and we have been really blessed because of them.

There is a popular Yoruba adage that alluded to the fact that twin children are always a blessing. Judging from your own experience, would you say that the statement is true?

Affirmatively. Their father and I had them when we were very young when we didn’t have any headway in our lives. I was 19 and my husband was 20 when we had them and at that point, we couldn’t even feed ourselves but thank God for today, the story has completely changed. At their age, they have done so well for the family and I am not sure that we would be where we are today financially without them in our lives.

It is obvious that music has become the family business. What is the next point of call for the family musically?

We are looking forward to greater heights and we know that with God, everything is possible but then, we know that we are going higher. This is just the starting point for us, expect greater things from us in the near future.

Let’s talk to the twins. What do you like most about each other?

What I like most about Kehinde is her voice. When she sings the higher pitch I wish I could sing like her too. I also like the fact that she is very friendly. Although we fight at times, she upsets me sometimes but I love her still.

What inspires your singing?

Firstly, our parents sing and whenever we hear them sing, we always want to be like them. We would like to go to so many places and sing to people so that we can change their lives and win their souls.

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