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RAMSEY NOUAH Emerges Biggest Director In Nollywood

The highly anticipated AMVCA 2022 ended with an award night on Saturday. The event which was full of glitz and glamour had all the big names in the industry under one roof. Ramsey Nouah, the ace actor won The Best Director for his directorial expertise in Rattle Snake.

The movie “Rattle Snake” had 11 nominations and won 5 categories, the highest for AMVCA 2022. Best Actress, Osas Ighodaro, Best Actor, Stan Nze.

The movie also sealed the night as Mohammed Attah Ahmed and Mathew Yussuf won the “Best Cinematographer” and Best Lightning Design respectively. Rattle Snake is a 2020 coming of age film executive produced by Charles Okpaleke and directed by Ramsey Nouah.

It is a remake of the 1995 Nigerian classic action thriller “Rattle Snake”, which was directed by Amaka Igwe. The movie received mixed reviews from critics and went on to rank 24th overall on the list of the highest-grossing Nigerian movies of all time at the end of its theatrical run.

The multiple award-winning actor, producer and director is currently rated the biggest movie director presently in the industry. His success in the industry is a result of his impressive performance in the movies he has featured in. He is no doubt a pioneer in the industry. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 1993 and has remained at the very top to date.

Many have described him not just as a fantastic actor but also as a phenomenon film director that takes his time to deliver a perfect job, leaving no aspect lacking. As an actor, he is one of the most recognised faces in the Nigerian movie industry. He is highly talented in interpreting romantic roles, he is very good at using his charming personality to glue millions of fans to the TV screen.

He had a very humble beginning but with determination and hardwork, he made it to the very top.

He once revealed that there was a time He slept under the bridge, at that time I hated everybody around me. In fact, I used to question why God was doing this to him. But he thinks God knew he needed this for his future”.

His look is also an added advantage for him, as many like him because of his ageless and handsome look. He is always rated among the good looking stars in the industry, and he can easily pass for guys in their 30s.

Having excelled as a successful and fantastic actor in the industry. He made his directorial debut with the film “Living In Bondage”, and “Breaking Free” in 2019 and also went on to direct Nollywood classic Rattle Snake. The Ahanna, and these movies have won awards back to back.

He emerged as the best director in 2019 for his work on “Living In Bondage”, and “Breaking Free”. The sequel to the 1992 blockbuster “Living In Bondage” distinguished him as the director of the year.

The veteran actor who is now rated an outstanding film director enjoyed good reviews, commendations and accolades for his directorial debut movie which was co-produced by Charles Okpaleke and Steve Gukas.

The film Living In Bondage provided him with a perfect opportunity to announce his directorial debut and he did amid a resounding arrival cheers.

Many concluded that he must have learned some good lessons in over 3 decades of actively practising in Nollywood with his wonderful execution of the sequel to 90’s blockbuster “Living In Bondage”.

It set the pace for how sequels should be treated and executed going forward in Nollywood.

Ramsey’s refreshing art of directing and approach is both exceptional and thorough. And the result is the success of the film, which went on to break a Nollywood record of 25 million after 2 days in the cinema.

Call him a brilliant director and you won’t be totally wrong, he was said to have not only taken charge of his set but also knew exactly what he wanted, and with the support of the producers, he made the list of best directors in 2019.

After this movie, he became the most thrilling filmmaker and many were looking forward to his next work, and he did not disappoint his fans, as he put more hardwork into directing Rattle Snake, which many agreed is more successful than his first project.

Many are of the opinion that Ramsey is currently the biggest director in the industry and one can’t really think of any other director in the industry who can be compared to him when it comes to perfect execution in directing movies.

- Biodun Alao

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