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Micheal Akinbowale is an Akure-based highlife artiste, who is already making waves on the social scene.  Micheal Akinbowale, who is popularly called Sir Micky is another great musician who has a lovely voice and style.

At a distance away from the stage, his unique voice could make listeners wonder if the great Evang. Ebenezer Obey is on stage. This singing prowess has won the hearts of many Akure music lovers and he is daily becoming popular in the South West.

Sir Micky has travelled far and near spreading the message of his band. He has also been crowned the Asiwaju of Miliki by the great Evang Ebenezer Obey, owing to his good works. Sir Micky has successfully soared through many stages, leaving a lasting impression on his clients. Sir Micky, in 2021, released an album entitled “Surprise”,  which has continued to be popular on social media.

In an interview with City People’s Reporter, Sir Micky revealed how he got his title, “Asiwaju Of Miliki” and why he sings like Evang. Ebenezer Obey. Read excerpts below.


Tell us about yourself?

I am Micheal Akinbowale popularly called Sir Micky when I am on stage. I am a musician. I grew up in Lagos, Surulere to be precise. For my primary education, I attended Pamas Academy, then I went to Igbede Boys High School before gaining admission to Bisi Onabanjo University to study Business Administration. I am based in Akure, Ondo State.

How did music start for you?

I officially started music as far back as 1999, but music, for me, started in the church. I was a member of our church choir back then. Also in my house, my father was a lover of music and was a great fan of Evan. Ebenezer Obey. So, there was music everywhere for me, in church and at home.

How did you get your stage name, Sir Micky and title Asiwaju of Miliki?

First, the ‘Sir’ was given to me by my late father. As I said earlier, my father was a fan of Evang. Ebenezer Obey. The title was given to me by the Chief Commander, Ebenezer Obey himself. You know he is popular with the title of the grandfather of Juju music in Nigeria. While his son, Tolu Obey, is the Prince of Miliki music.

How did you get crowned the Asiwaju of Miliki?

Some years back, I had worked for Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey for 5 years before working for his son, Tolu Obey, for 2 years before I set up my band. There was a day I was performing at a party in Ikeja and doing my thing. Unknown to me, the Chief Commander himself was at that party. After the party, Baba called me. When I got to him, he was happy with me and labelled me the Asiwaju of Miliki.

With 20 years on stage, what challenges have you gone through?

I have been through many challenges. I remember the day my boys and I were on a trip to an event. On our way, there was an accident that took the lives of my band’s captain and one of my sound engineers. May their souls rest in perfect peace. It was an experience that shook and made me sad. You know the music business is no child’s play, but most people in Nigeria see and treat we upcoming stars as nothing. And in this same Nigeria, some people treat us well.

There was a time when I also had to disband, owing to some reasons and reset another band. It was not an easy process, but we thank God for his mercy.

With your great talent in singing as Evang. Ebenezer Obey, how has that affected your career?

First, I am proud to emulate that style and sing his genre of Juju. You know in Akure, Evang. Ebenezer Obey is a well-loved and cherished musician. With this, most of my shows are in Akure. So, it is a great honour.

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