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Nollywood Star, Ada Ameh Is Dead

Popular Nollywood actress Ada Ameh is dead.

The Benue State-born actress died on Sunday in Warri, Delta State.

Ada Ameh had on June 15 opened up on her battle with mental illness.

The 48-year-old actress had revealed that she was given a job which she failed to deliver because she was battling mental illness.

According to her, the company did not understand what she was going through and, as such, filed a lawsuit against her.

Ameh claimed the company was suing her for a staggering amount, which she seemed unable to afford.

The actress started her career 27 years ago and admitted that the lawsuit had taken a toll on her, but she wouldn’t allow it to weigh her down or kill her.

Ameh, who lost her only daughter in October 2020, stated, “It is taking my life.”

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