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Why A Lot Of Ladies Now Go For LUSH Hair


Have you noticed that a lot of the BRT buses have been branded by LUSH Hair adverts? Have you also noticed that many of the billboards and signages around the Lagos metropolis carry Lush Hair promos?

Everywhere you turn these days in Lagos Lush Hair adverts hit you. And we can authoritatively tell you that Lush Hair has made great inroads into the Hair business. And the women have indeed accepted Lush Hair. A lot of women and celebrities now prefer to go for Lush Hair.

Everything dates back to 2017, when Lush Hair saw a unique opportunity to enter into the beauty industry in Nigeria, and what better way to do that than through women. Slowly, but gradually, they won the hearts of women through heavy marketing campaigns strategically targeted at speaking to women directly. One of those is prioritizing international women’s day as well as several fashion shows. Also, the brand signed a couple of female celebrities and influencers like the popular Yemi Alade, Denrele Edun, Obis-Ora, and Kiekie.

Primarily, it positioned itself as a brand for women all over the country.

Lush Hair is a special brand of hair extension used among women across the country. It is a brand that saw the need for women to get their hair done beautifully without spending too much - and took the opportunity to capture that market.

The marketing for the brand is so tight, you see their adverts almost everywhere. On BRT buses, billboards, and they even went as far as designing some salons with their logos. But one thing that’s unique about the brand is that it knows its audience and keys into them with precision.

In the era of expensive hair sold on social media platforms, Lush Hair was the fresh breath of hair almost everyone needed. With the price ranging from N1,500 to N5,000, the brand allows women to be fashionable in an affordable way.

If you look at the structure of the Lush Hair business, you will come to realise it is a product that caters to its target audience on different levels. From offering hair that looks almost like human hair - for the top celebrities to Afro hair for classy African women, body waves, weave-on and loc hair amongst others, it is safe to say that this brand delivers quality even at an affordable price, and this is enough reason for women to choose the brand ahead of others.

Many hair brands have come and gone, but Lush Hair doesn’t just give ‘hair’ but rather brands it as a product for the people with quality at the forefront of its marketing.

If you ask any woman why they choose Lush Hair, they will most likely say it's because they get their money’s worth.

As fashion continues to evolve in the country and different people choose their preferences on fashion items, quality hair will continue to sell and Lush Hair might just be a brand that is here to stay.



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